Goys N‘ Birls

Goys N' Birls, we are back for you, for more, more to give, more to share, more to enjoy and more to remember because the more we have, the more we want & the more we need.

An upcoming edition that promises epic & lusty entertainment curated by your faithful Goys N‘ Birls issued by :

— Ear Entertainers —
Robag Wruhme
Hard Ton
Esther Silex
Matt Karmil
Disco Gessner
Mikey Woodbridge
HAMDI RYDER [Downtown Vibes/ Tunisia]
Thomas Kielland [Norway]

— Ear & visual Entertainers —
Fixie Fate

—Visual Entertainers —
Babyjane Electroqueen
Hard Ton

Thurday 29.03.2018
Bis spati schatzis.