On the 24.11 it's time to play a second Auftakt to the future Kosmonaut.

Auftakt means "a prelude" in German, and this is what these nights will stand for - for a musical introduction to what we want to present you soon at Wiesenweg 1.

Kosmonaut as we know it will close after NYE, reopening in 2018 with brand new program and character, and the best way to tell you a story about it, is to let the music speak for us.

The tales of the future will be told to you by:

Antonio De Angelis
Escape To Mars

Maze & Masters
LINE UP !!!!

Jan Oberlaender (Heinz Music / Katermukke)
Jama Deejay (Kater Blau)
Just Emma (Underyourskin)
Gilbert Martini (Blu Fin)
se.rio (hive / indiana tones recordings)
Lunar Plane (2DIY4, Parquet, Underyourskin)
Matt John (Bar25 / Cocoon)
DJ FLU (Küchenmusik)

Wir zelebrieren High-Class Homeless das junge Berliner Kunstlabel dass mit seinen poppigen und ausgefallenen Bildern auf sich aufmerksam gemacht hat.

1 Jahr ist es jetzt alt und zu diesem Anlass widmen wir diese Party mit toller Musik in einer tollen Location und tollen Leuten.

Eine Performance von drink-t wir das ganze abrunden. Dazu in kürze mehr :)

An der TÜR heisst euch Mr.Timeless willkommen.

Ich freu mich auf EUCH.
RAKI N ROLL!!!!!!!!

Main Floor:

FEVZEE// Pentagonik, Techno Türken
Demir & Seymen// Trapez, Pentagonik
Cetin Sahin// Techno Türken
Shild// Cirrus/ CH
Yavuz Ak// Pentagonik
Ela H.// Quadriga Records
Semih Akay// Pentagonik/ TR

Disco Floor:

Marc Brauner Official// Pentagonik, Redlight Music
Jay Sensuelle (aka Velvedt)// Studio Kreuzberg
INKA// Techno Türken
Barisch Cengiz// Techno Türken
Tim Dornbusch// Poisson Chat, Other Side Of The City/ FR

Techno Floor:

Esther Duijn// Tresor, Another Earth
PASCAL HETZEL// Eye Teeth, Constant Variables
Igor Ochoa// Anomalie, Stay Free Kollektiv
Aswad DJ// Trash Era
"To evoke through artistry a vivid impression of desired expectations...
To produce through imagination a kinesthetic nocturnal journey till early morning...
To transmit smells, colors, sounds, and shapes of Berlin...
To challenge your own safe zone...
To feed your soul through your perceptions...
To stimulate your brain through empathy...

On the 2nd December we are going to present the first event of our new project EVOCATION BERLIN

We will combine Music and Art in one Night.

• ART in the "Kunstgalerie"
Start at 8pm with the Live Painting of
Giorgio Bartocci

Secret line up, is meant to focus only on the beauty and the energy of the music itself, guaranteed from a selection of great Proper Techno artists performing in the "Pure Techno Floor"

"World House Music" Floor will deliver different interpretations of fine House Music by a pool of outstanding artists.

8 Dj-Set
1 Live performance
1 Ensemble

"Free your mind... Come enjoy the NU Oldschool"

No Sexism
No Racism
No Pregiudism

RA event RSVP
Samstag 09.12.2017


Line Up:

Special Guest
Channel X (Stil vor Talent)
Drauf und Dran (Stylerockets)
Leon Licht (Sisyphos)
Marcel Freigeist (Chasing The HiHat)
A.D.H.S. (Tanz aus der Reihe)
Alexander Lorz (Mo's Ferry)
Retro (Wasted Unicorns)
+ Residents

2 Floors
Open Doors: 23:59

Early Bird Tickets: http://bit.ly/2zpA8r6

Kosmonaut / Wiesenweg 1-4 / 10265 Berlin
[ s t e r e o p h o n i c ]

1 Year Stereophonic. With Drumcomplex, DJ Tanith, Jan Fleck, Christian Rütz -live and many more. Hard, pounding Techno as usual.


[F A C T S]

Date: December 15th 2017
Venue: Kosmonaut Berlin
Doors Open Midnight

[L I N E - U P]

Drumcomplex Complexed Records / Blakksheep
Who has not at some point asked the question "How complex can Techno be?"As far as Drumcomplex is concerned, the answer must be: Techno can reach a degree of complexity that gets the utmost out of studio work and live performances through a perfect division of work – and has been doing so for the past ten years and more.

Jan Fleck Inside Booking
Jan Fleck was born 1987 in south Germany. Inspired by early parties and the fun of creating new sounds he started producing all kinds of electronic music at the age of 16. Being fascinated by the harder styles of music like Drum n'Bass and Hardcore Jan didn't take a long time to find his real passion: (Hard) Techno.

DJ Tanith Tanith.org
One of the Berlin originals who has been involved in the early Berlin Techno Scene and never has lost his soul for good techno since 1986. His story is also the story of Berlin.

Christian Rütz -live- Remote Enclosure Audio / Wall Music
Copenhagen native, Christian Rütz has released music in a variety of different genres, both independently and in collaboration with other artists—under numerous aliases.
BBC One and BBC London Radio have featured his work, transporting him to venues all over Europe and Asia, performing his 100% hardware/analogue liveset.

Lunatik Absolut Records / Mitten
Alessandro Giustini aka Lunatik is a young talented Italian artist and producer. At the age of 20, he released his first vinyl on Blackwater Label. After this vinyl release, he became a partner of Absolute Records partner, based in Verona Italy.

Worg -live- Mitten
Worg is an electronic music producer, sound designer and live performer based in Rome. He explores sounds that range from traditional techno through industrial approaching deep techno.

Red Rooms New Port Records b2b Patengé
As Berlin Resident DJs, known for deep, driving Techno they represent a nice modern sound with an old-school touch.

Herr Wunderlich Nachtsucht
Organizer of the Nachtsucht Events and representer for the typical harder Berlin style Techno. He will honor us with a closing Set on the Main floor.

Darmec (Blue Monkey Records / Darker Sounds / Ragnarøk / UK)
Dario Sorano (Pitch Perfect / Ragnarøk / Italy)
Steven Shade (Cosy HH)
Surreal (YBT HH)
MATT MORRA (Ragnarøk)
Chris von B. (Complexed Rec / Kaputt / Ragnarøk)
Kevin Wimmer Official (Ragnarøk)
Tom Marten (Ragnarøk)
Holger Nielson (Ragnarøk / District4)
DeKai (OFFICIAL) (Ragnarøk, Darker Sounds)

Ab 18
Eintritt €14


Web: http://ragnarok-berlin.io/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ragnaroek.Official
Beatport: http://classic.beatport.com/label/ragnaroek/39209
Juno: https://www.junodownload.com/labels/Ragnaroek
Wir Präsenten Zum Christmas ein B:EAST BERLIN special mit alt bekannten B:EAST Acts und Internationalen Acts
Line up :

Robert Owens
Sarah Wild
Jonty SkruFFF
Brett Knacksen
The Kosmonaut as we all know and love it will close it's doors when we enter 2018. It's a fact. It's time to get together in last huge celebration of the beautiful place it it's been, and what it will become in the first months of 2018!

In January we will be closed to perform the massive recostruction inside, but before that happens...

We are going on the last mission.
3 nights, 2 days non stop.
From 30.12 to 02.01.2018.
3 floors.
10 crews, that were the part of that place, and made it to it is, will shake the walls of Kosmonaut one last time.

We will announce all the lineup step by step, one by one... Stay tuned.


Get your striclty limited early Bird tickets for only 16 Euros now :
The Official Afterparty of B:east meets Revolver NYE 2017 will be happening at the Kosmonaut from 7am .

This party will be part of the 4 Days Closing of the Kosmonaut and will be free to tickets holders of the NYE Mainparty ..

Come and enjoy the Kosmonaut before we close on the 2. january for a major refit.

More Infos tbc

Vergangene Events: