Liquid Sky Berlin - #lsb02

Eine Nacht mit Profimusik at Liquid Sky Berlin #lsb02

experimental electro acoustic noise / tape cut ups / musique concrete

live broadcast on lsb.TV / ALEX Berlin
Music: Yoshitoki Seishin
Performance: Hiroko Seishin
YoshitokiSeishin is a Japanese noise musician.
He is making new noise music since 2012.
It is more musical noise music.
Yoshitoki Seishin has released more than 500 works from domestic and foreign countries.
In March 2016 the music was featured on British BBC Radio.
In the past he was active under the name haiiyuuko, YoukoHeidy, YuushiDaigoken
Label :"
Odyssey of the Senses - part I
ODrex Music Label Release Party & Art Exhibiton

Sophie Cabana (Paris)

Pavel Mikhaylov (Russia)
Retouched (Spain / Kopoc Label / ODrex Music)
Joss DeWitt (Canada)
Sascha Müller (Meppen / ODrex Music / Sascha Müller Records)
Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa (Berlin / ODrex Music / Liquid Sky Berlin)

HprScl3 (Berlin / Liquid Sky Berlin)
Datis Five-el (Berlin / Liquid Sky Berlin)
Dr Walker / Asbest (Berlin / Liquid Sky Berlin)

artexhibitiion opening
with dubtechno & chill out music

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