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Born in 1961 A key figure in the underground, experimental, post punk Manchester music scene, At the age of 17 Eric began by forming the rather short lived, now legendary Tiller Boys, whose name is still seen today on the iconic Factory poster which was designed by Peter Saville, the other two members from the band being Pete Shelley and Francis Cookson. They played their live debut in 1978, supporting Joy Division at Manchester’s Factory club.
Then in the early eighties, and working under the name Eric
Random he received recognition not only for a number of album
and single releases of his own, on labels such as New Hormones,
Double Vision and Les Disque du Crepuscule but also for his
numerous collaborations with the likes of Cabaret Voltaire and with
Nico of the [ Velvet Underground ] with whom he worked with for
almost seven years.

Looking forward to Erics future release on Sleepers, it will be our first double.
3hd Festival 2017
Whatever You Thought, Think Again
22 - 25 November 2017 Berlin

With: City ≠, Floraytw, Prince Harvey, RUI HO, stud1nt

3hd will close the “Whatever You Thought, Think Again” program with an ecstatic leap through possibility in a night of movement, emotion and entanglement. Together we imagine a way of life that uses the unavailable images of collective resistance as a means to access the politics of our sociality. The only constant of the artists performing on this night of pleasure and possibility is their fluidity. Crossing the spectrum of styles and self-representation, every one of them brings their own unique approach to sonic escape and creation. DJ, multi-instrumentalist and member of queer art collective #kunq, stud1nt’s sublime performances frame the dance floor as a political space, while City describes his sound as a paradoxically organic digital tool, where extreme volume produces a place that is as beautiful as it is violent. Prince Harvey intuited the rapid shifts in the music industry by recording on demo computers at a New York Apple Store, among others things, while presenting live performances packed with energy. Non-binary producer and DJ from China RUI HO constructs a new creative reality by mixing sounds and visual information from both the virtual and physical planes. FLORA uses distorted sounds from temples and traditional Cantonese/Eastern concepts to make dissonant club tracks inspired by Daoist tutelary deities and the afterlife.

3hd Festival is curated and organized by Daniela Di Seitz and Anja Weigl of Creamcake, in cooperation with HAU Hebbel am Ufer, and made possible with the support of Musicboard Berlin.

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Founded in 2013 as a monthly club night in the back room of a dive bar in Brooklyn, No-Tech began as a "no frills" alternative to popular club culture in New York City. Focusing on experimental approaches to club music, No-Tech became a cultivator of a new community of forward thinking producers, DJs and musicians, heavily associated with punk/ D.I.Y ethos as well as a shared background in the underground U.S. noise and experimental electronic scenes.

No-Tech makes its Berlin debut at Ohm w/ performances by:

Via App LIVE (BANK Records, Break World, Tresor)

Sybil Jason (Farced)

Bookworms LIVE (L.I.E.S, BANK Records, Break World)

Ciarra Black (No-Tech)
We are thrilled to be back for the third edition at OHM.
All night long continuous live jam session with rotating artists on the machines. Impulsive and instinctive dance music for those, who cherish live electronics modulated on the spot. Collectively handcrafted by the intuition of the artists. Intimate vibes served for all life-long improvisers!

The members of the Equations Collective are affiliated with the following projects:

Archaic Space (Appian)
Aphelion (Bliq, Equations)
Aroma Pitch (APR)
Artefakt (Delsin, Field)
Cyspe (Insula)
D. (Proper's Cult)
Lapien (Mistress, Soul People)
Metropolis (Pinkman, Sequencia)
Sphera De Noumenon (Equations)



Entry: 5 EURO
RSVP on RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1033287
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Patterns of Perception is honoured to present the world-premiere extended live set of Wa Wu We: A live jam that takes the audience on a sonic journey, elevating the body and mind.

With Wa Wu We, Sebastian Mullaert deliberately sets no intentions or boundaries, allowing space for the open musical expression of his ideas and emotions. The result ranges from deep, hypnotic techno, to ambient, to strangely sublime textures that do not lend themselves to easy definition.

Sebastian’s music is inspired by tranquillity, stillness and the convergence of Zen meditation. While a close connection to nature triggers his creativity, the result is a unique and complex musical mosaic, which is at the same time serene and understated.


Patterns of Perception


Wa Wu We (Live)
Kim Bergstrand
Steve Duncan


Original music: Luigi Tozzi - Wadjet (Wa Wu We's 7th Dimension)
Original footage: Julia Cybulski
Mark Grusane (Mark Grusane Music, USA)
Amila (Altered Soul Experiment, FR)
Sanctuary (Altered Soul Experiment, AUS)
RA : https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1031797
For the last edition of the year, Altered Soul Experiment invite Mark Grusane to play an extended set in the intimate surroundings of OHM Berlin.

Mark Grusane has spent the past three decades unearthing, collecting and accumulating a wealth of music history. Growing up in Chicago during the 80’s, his passion for collecting records began in his early teens with the influence of his older brother and the burgeoning Chicago house music scene. To balance his spending habit, he found himself selling records to peers, stores and DJ’s to fund digging trips to further expand his collection.

In 2004, Mike Cole and Grusane founded Mr. Peabody Records, the store quickly became a destination point for music lovers after all genres of rare and obscure oddities. Furthermore, the pair then went onto release two extensive compilations on BBE showcasing their finds. Since then Mark has gone on to put out a string of edits as well as his most recent work which is an original production on his own label Mark Grusane Music.

Join us and experience the depth of Mark Grusane’s record collection alongside Altered Soul Experiment co-founder Amila and ASE family member Sanctuary.

OHM Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 7
10179 - Berlin
23h59 - End

Photography by Silvia Conde / Design by Maison C.C.

Sun/03/12/2017 // 6pm

DANIEL MATZ [PHLEX, Schematic Music]
KEVIN BLAKE [Electric Underground]
more t.b.a.

BRIAIN [Skizze, Mindwaves Music]
SIN-DRØNE [Skizze]


OHM Berlin

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~ Roots, Space & Vision ~
"We want to show you what we love about music without any other boundaries than our own restless minds."

Line-up for Rec Room #22:
ミ Shy One (NTS Radio, UK)
ミ Tereza (Waters/////)
ミ Uta (Rec Room, TMS)
ミ Sarah Farina (Rec Room, TMS)

RA www.residentadvisor.net/events/1014960

Artwork by Super Quiet
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2017 is nearly over, but we still have something in store for you: Our December BERRIES brings you the right amount of the freshest hip hop, trap and new school beats to enter the winter season with a big bang. Let’s celebrate the diversity of hip hop and get down to the sets of

Le1f (DJ Set)
Isabel Lewis
Osgān Powers
Lamb Kebab (live)

Dec 15 / 23.59 h
BERRIES – Hip Hop & Beyond
@ OHM, Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin
Admission 8€

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