Possible Futures is glad to present the second edition of Aquarian Shift, the powerful pair’s bi-monthly at OHM.

Back in November, Lisbon’s own Violet delivered an unfastening selection, while Alex from Tokyo simply thought up the real Aquarian Shift sound… Possible Futures implored him to return for this new session. They are all joined by special guest and disco igniter Severino.

Expect restorative motion and heart-searching through treating grooves. Aquarian Shift is your gateway to nothingness, connecting everything to everything else. It is the place where boundaries vanish and where all can be reborn.

Severino DJ

Horse Meat Disco’s prima donna Severino is a Possible Futures favorite in the natural Disco kingdom. Severino’s selections are plentiful and it is a true indulgence to receive him for a solo set in Berlin.

London’s Horse Meat Disco has become an institution on both sides of the sexual divide, due in large part to its dedication and appreciation to Disco music in all its forms. The intention behind Horse Meat Disco was to create an alternative party that harped back to the halcyon days of parties like The Loft and The Gallery in New York. Their guests have included Daniele Baldelli, Maurice Fulton, Honey Dijon, Prins Thomas, DJ Felix Dickinson to name only a few that have also influenced Possible Futures in their rooting years.

But Severino does not simply excel behind the turntables. Severino is also an initiator in the studio, having remixed Tevo Howard, Elton John, Vanessa Daou’s “Near The Black Forest” or Roisin Murphy’s cover of Mina’s “Ancora, Ancora, Ancora” which simply leaves us crying each time we listen to it. Pleasure, saudade, carnality…

Alex From Tokyo

In constant flow, Alex from Tokyo is an international man of musical wonderment, with a career that extends over three decades and continents. It simply is unthinkable - who would even dare? - to pin him down to a given space-time or artistic continuum.

Alex grew up in the land of the rising sun, where he lived over 20 years. He became a staple of the local Tokyo scene, where he worked for the Tokyo branch of Mr. Bongo - legendary label and provider of fine music in the UK, and as a correspondent for legendary French labels such as Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications.

In 2004, Alex moved to New York City, where he established himself as a reference at many of the city’s institutions - Le Bain, Good Room, Cielo… Overtime, Alex developed his production as member of the now infamous Tokyo Black Star. His selections are guiding lights in Japanese music, all forms of disco, classic house and obscure rarities.

Today, Alex from Tokyo calls Berlin home. One can catch him regularly at the fabulous CockTail d'Amore Berlin and it is a true pleasure for Possible Futures to receive his continued guidance and welcome him to this second edition of Aquarian Shift.

Possible Futures

Over the last 15 years, Possible Futures have been witnesses to the wildest fauna and flora the great nocturnal jungle has to offer.

Paul and Ale of Possible Futures believe that the eternal act of dancing is one of the most active form of contemplation. Facing our own selves in the mirror of movement, we realize that we indeed are reflections of one another at all times. Compassion forms and in turns gives way to kindness and love.

Possible Futures also believe that the essential parts of the history of music need to be transmitted in new ways. They source their inspiration from the many shades of color that co-exist on between black and white on the great designer’s palette, it is through their open and eclectic selections that Possible Futures turn the dancefloor into spaces of self-discovery and musical transcendance.
Violet Poison is the mutant/proto/EBM/wave project of Francesco Baudazzi, previously known as Obtane, co-owner with Giorgio Gigli of the defunct techno label Zooloft.

Line up:
*Violet Poison (Veleno Viola)
*Jana Woodstock (ua)
*Roman Sputnik (Digital Tsunami)
*Exterminador (Exterminador records)
*Dj Nephil (Gravitational Waves)
*Secret Guest (Creme Organization)

every silence lets in the same doubt...

:: music
TOLOUSE LOW TRAX (Antinote, Karaoke Kalk / Düsseldorf) // https://tolouselowtrax.bandcamp.com
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/mieko
ARA (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/kookoo

:: art
EVA TEPPE (video works) // www.evateppe.com
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (stop motion) // http://yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com/
CARLY FISCHER (sculpture & photography) // www.carlyfischer.com

Friday, March 2, 10 pm
OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin
Silvia Kastel (DJ Set)

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1065428
Line-up for Rec Room #23:
ミ Sully (Keysound Recordings, Black Acre)
ミ Kepler (Rec Room, Sick Girls)
ミ Uta (Rec Room, TMS)
ミ Sarah Farina (Rec Room, TMS)

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1047431

From garage and jungle to juke and back;
Rec Room #23 comes up with some of the finest from the UK underground: Keysound Recordings’ own Sully.
Formerly one half of experimental dubstep duo Innasekt, his solo ambitions even went further off the beaten track when it comes to bass, fusing his characteristic blend of melancholic ambience, 2step swing and rapid-fire 808s.
Rounding off the bill we be the primary Rec Room trio of Sick Girls magnitude Kepler alongside Through My Speakers’ Uta and Sarah Farina. Whether by constantly dropping top-notch mixes, speaking at in-depth music panels, or extensively gigging around, they keep championing their bass-heavy stylings from grime and footwork to weighty steppers and oldschool jungle throughout Berlin and beyond.
And always remember:
Good Vibes Only ~ Show Love
#RainbowBass #EmbraceTheBass #RootsSpaceVision #MusicEducation
Sehr geehrte Damen & Herren, Liebe LeserInnen,

Wir feiern das erste Jahr Backstage, zu diesem Anlass heißen wir Sie herzlich Willkommen zur großen Charity­-Gala des Backstage DJ Magazins. Der Einladung zu dieser Veranstaltung sind Sie gern gefolgt: denn wo immer es um einen guten Zweck geht – da sind Sie gern dabei!

Dieser Abend bietet eine großartige Gelegenheit, einige unvergessliche Stunden zu erleben und die Zukunft der Printmedien für immer zu sichern. Freuen Sie sich jetzt schon auf ein unterhaltsames Programm, interessante Begegnungen und spannende Überraschungen.

Der Erlös dieser Veranstaltung fließt zu 100% in die Backstage-Stiftung und damit in den Druck der ersten, haptischen Ausgabe.

Um Abendgarderobe wird gebeten.

Danke & bis bald,
Ihre Redaktion


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