After a special night at OHM last year with Batu, Simo Cell and Cera Khin we are back in Berlin by popular demand! OHM & Timedance just makes sense innit..

This time we are bringing Mosca - an original UK dance music badman. Over the last 10 years the man has constantly reinvented himself and supplied underground anthems time and time again. Recently he joined the ranks of Livity Sound and Timedance with some hypnotic, bassy UK techno weapons.

Laksa UK is up next a London producer has gone from strength to strength recently. Releases on Timedance, Illian Tape and Mistry have carved out his signature broken sound.

Gigsta completes the line up. The Belgium-born, Berlin based DJ is on the rise at the moment, with sets at Concrete and Freerotation forthcoming. One of your favourite up and coming DJs for sure!

Not one to be missed! See you in the dance.

Sat/21/April/2018 // 23.59

Line up
ANDREA PARKER [Aperture, Touchin' Bass]

OMNI CAUSA [Mindcolormusic]

PAT FLANDERS [Emsig Radio]

PÚCA [Skizze, Rituals]

OHM Berlin

Info event

Artwork by Chrisse Kunst
We are happy to present the 2nd Edition of our party series Blaenk Nights at OHM Berlin on the 26th of April with a focus on eletronic music, arts and visuals.

It is finally time to annouce our amazing line-up with the one and only PAN/TONE aka Sid le Rock, the upcoming HĒI, our friends from France SLED (Sonath, Paris) b2b MOLEK - (Gaazol, Lille) and an exciting clubvideo-set by BLÆNK MINDS.

The party will be supported with visuals and photography. Artists TBA.


Thu April 26th.
9pm-4am / Visuals, Art & Music

Pan/tone aka Sid Le Rock / Blaenk Minds / SLED b2b MOLEK / HĒI


Supported by Musicboard Berlin, Serato & ICT.
グラフィティテープス!!! グラフィティテープス!!!
Luca Lozano GRAFITI TAPES residency return two times 2018!
With unique JAPAN EXPRESS SPECIAL!! 特別日本的表現!!

日本産超特別客人Especial guests from Osaka SJ Tequilla and Aaty Master Dubmixer!!

電子舞踊音楽 for 低予算 Only 5YURO
ベルリン夜遊 special experiment
We are happy to host DJ Maaco aka D.I.E. aka Cybonix again with a super special edition of our series.

Drift in this night of uptempo / downtempo broken rhythms to your inner centre...

D.I.E. (M.A.P. - Detroit)
Skratch (Version - Berlin)
Skinny D (Berlin)

Nick Klein is a sound and sculpture based artist from south Florida, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Klein's work is interested in the social potential of the implementation of rhythmic electronic music in a communal setting. Klein co-founded the label Primitive Languages alongside artist and musician Miguel Enrique Alvariño. Primitive Languages functions as a humble overview of the eclectic electric American underground. In conjunction with his administrative efforts with the label, he is a prolific maker and performer interested in mining the tropic nature of electronic music sub-genres. The range of Klein's output exists in editions on distinguished labels around the world such as L.I.E.S. Records, Alter, Bank Records, Ascetic House, Angoisse, Private Archive, and Unknown Precept. Recently Klein has begun as a writer for Swiss magazine Zweikommasieben.

Nick Klein (live) (L.I.E.S., Alter, Primitive Languages)
An-i (Cititrax)
Reka (Tresor)
Exterminador (Exterminador records)
Dj Nephil (Gravitational Waves)



Juba Music Boko Boko

Techmess TRADE

Samurai Music returns to OHM. Line up and more details to follow.

RA - https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1089439
In celebration of the Peder Mannerfelt 12" coming out soon on LazyTapes.

Come shake out your demons.


Peder Mannerfelt (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion / LazyTapes)

Cera Khin (LazyTapes)

Ossia (Young Echo / Blackest Ever Black)

Unlike alternate history, where alternative outcomes are ascribed to past events, future history postulates certain outcomes to events in the present and future. Celebrating its tenth year in operation, Field Records elaborates on Future History with a series of pioneering electronic music experiences across the globe.
Rec Room #24 ~ Roots, Space & Vision ~
We want to show you what we love about music without any other boundaries than our own restless minds.

Line-up for Rec Room #24 to be announced soon

ミ Uta (Rec Room, TMS)
ミ Kepler (Rec Room, Sick Girls)
ミ Sarah Farina (Rec Room, TMS)

RA: www.residentadvisor.net/events/1086958
Artwork by Super Quiet
And always remember:
Good Vibes Only ~ Show Love
#RainbowBass #EmbraceTheBass #RootsSpaceVision #MusicEducation

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