milkin' all night......

Druffaloma, the original Berlin vinyl only just-above-street-level inner city realness disco night, invites two legends to the upper floor.

Originally hailing from Mannheim and schooled behind the decks of legendary club milk! [1],
we welcome the

and the

Needless to say, both guys are original boys own soul hooligans and both own a one digit members number of the Druffalo cabal. They will play their mix of 4 decades of hyper direct quality dance music. Get your seat belts. Legends is not strong enough a word.[3]

FLOOR 2 will be the DRUFFALO HITSQUAD with
Fabulous Finn Johannsen
Incredible Icasol

playing their glamourous mix of disco music.

More information to follow.[4]


1) Nerds get out your note pads and note down the follwing list - don't forget the slashes and dashes....: and )

2) No particular order. Groover Klein killed them all already at Druffaloma 8 (22 April 2017), where he was an absolute smash, as you can hear here

So we are super happy to have the legendary super DJ Seebase (who had his stag night at one of the first Druffaloma Parties in June 2016 and touched a couple of rounds with his magic).

3) Shhhhh..... We are lobbying to Finn a Boogiebar Druffaloma since years. Hopefullyhe will catch the bait.

4) The real flyer will come later in the week. Stay strong!

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