Eclectique presents: Workshop Elektron OCTATRACK + ANALOG RYTHM

Elektron is a Swedish manufacturer of cutting-edge electronic
instruments that in the last decade have revolutionized the world of music production.

OCTATRACK is an extremely powerful sampler and sequencer with unique innovative features and an inspiring workflow;

ANALOG RYTHM is an analog drum machines that combines raw oscillators power with straightforward sampling capabilities.

Throughout this session for Eclectique in Berlin, you will learn step by step how to use and how are working this complex machine; the specialized and expert teacher carry the participants to a solid understanding of a practical employment of the two instruments, revising with clearness their fundamentals.

TEACHER: Domenico Cipriani, a.k.a. Lucretio of The Analogue Cops feat Lucretio & Marieu has been heavily using Elektron machinery for his renowned productions and has
been teaching and promoting their use during a countless number of workshops (usually coordinated by Produzioni Locus Solus). He is also regularly setting-up product presentations at S.A.E. Barcelona, where he graduated as an Electronic Music Producer in 2006.

- Only if you want: You can bring your own machines (but there is no real need).
- An oldfashioned notebook and a pen.

Every participant needs to do the registration and buy the ticket/

registration and question via e-mail:

Ticket: eventribe

From the 20.02 will start " Eclectique Workshop series" in Griessmuehle

The purpose of these workshops is to extend Eclectique’s education offering beyond the bi-monthly events to continue throughout the year, by partnering with education institutions and equipment manufacturers. In doing so we'd like to make Eclectique’s positioning as a platform to discover electronic music culture, science and education within Berlin,

Format of the workshops:
The workshops will take place during the day on Wednesday at Griessmuhle in the Silo.

Attendees will need confirm the partecipation for the event hosting the workshop beforehand to register their interest and find out what to bring, and whether there’s any software they need to download if using laptops.