Entropie- the measure of disorder in the system.

Established to break up social structures and against social forces Entropie is the medium for Techno in his raw form. In a world full of rules and prohibitions the darkness is the only place where we can escape from reality. Known for its dynamic atmosphere Entropie stands for a clear, rough & uncompromising sound.

Line Up:

Raffaele Attanasio (LFJ /// YAM Agency)
Swarm Intelligence (47 /// Voitax /// Instruments of Discipline)
Léa Occhi (Spectrum)

For the seventeenth edition of the Entropie events, Raffaele Attanasio will be headlining the Club Floor. He is a pianist,arranger and producer. During his career he collaborated with artists such as Orlando Voorn for the personal compilation on Nightvision Records. Now Raffaele is supported by important artists such as Len Faki, Luke Slater, Ben Sims, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Juan Atkins, Oscar mulero and Dustin Zahn. Raffaele made remixes for Trapez, Gynoid and the last is called Telraefor Reimut Van Bonn In 2014, he succeeded in making one of his greatest artist dreams come true: dieting in a b2b session with Jeff Mills in Naples, and then went on to play his glorious b2b with Octave One.

Tense atmospherics, uncompromising levels of distortion and stark, astute beats constitute a distinctive sound that Simon Hayes has been honing for more than a decade under his Swarm Intelligence guise. Born in Dublin, currently living in Belrin. Releases on Acre, Acroplane, Ad Noiseam, Voitax and most recently on Instruments of Discipline.

Léa Occhi is a French Techno DJ based in Berlin, co-founder and resident of the Spectrum in Paris. Inspired by the Berliner culture and the LGBT community, Léa definitely know how to make the people dance. Her music always oscillates between rhythmic techno and deep bass lines.

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Looking forward to see new and familiar faces.
Line-up /

Coramøøn [pentagonik]

INKAA [techno türken]

Cetin Sahin [techno türken]

FEVZEE [pentagonik, techno türken]

DEMIR & SEYMEN [pentagonik, techno türken]

OZAN LYON [pentagonik]

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23:59 // Suicide Club / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke
Line Up

club floor:
DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham Music [bpitch, djax-up, tresor rec.]

Housemeister [aycb, bnr]

HGR aka Hintergrundrauschen []

Justine Perry [art bei ton, suicide]

chill lounge:
Mike Vamp [Märtini Brös.]

Mit dabei zur HOUSEMEISTER & FRIENDS ist dieses Mal kein Geringerer als DJ T-1000 aka ALAN OLDHAM. Der 'Detroit Techno's Renaissance Man' ist neben seiner Tätigkeit als Pop Art-Maler auch für seinen tiegfreifenden Einfluss auf die Detroiter Technoszene bekannt. HGR aka HINTERGRUNDRAUSCHEN ist immer wieder ein gern gesehener Teil des Suicide Line Ups. Als Quasi-Inventar des Tresor weiß er genau, wie er den Dancefloor zum Dampfen bringt. JUSTINE PERRY wird mit ihrem Set einmal mehr ein dunkles Techno-Ambiente kreieren. Zum kurzen Verschnaufen und Runterkommen gibt's die Chill Lounge. Der Sound des neuen Floors wird von MIKE VAMP bestimmt. Der gebürtige Frankfurter ist bereits seit Anfang der 80er Jahre aktiv in der elektronischen Welt unterwegs und engagiert sich dabei in den verschiedensten Bereichen - ob als Gitarrist der Electro-Punkband Space Cowboys, als Hersteller von Clubwear oder als Chef seines 2014 gegründeten Labels New Normal Recordings, er versteht sein Publikum.

None other than DJ T-1000 aka ALAN OLDHAM is one of HOUSEMEISTERS guests that night. The 'Detroit Techno's Renaissance Man' is known for his work as a Pop Art artist and for his revolutionary influence on the Detroit techno scene. HGR aka HINTERGRUNDRAUSCHEN is always a welcome part of the Suicide Line Up. As quasi-inventory of Tresor Club, he knows exactly how he brings the dancefloor to steam. JUSTINE PERRY will once again create a dark techno ambience with her set. For a short break and a quick come down there's the Chill Lounge. The sound of the new floor is determined by MIKE VAMP. Born in Frankfurt am Main, he has been actively involved in the electronic world since the early 1980s and is involved in a wide variety of fields - whether as a guitarist for the electro-punk band Space Cowboys, as a manufacturer of clubwear or as head of his label 'New Normal Recordings' founded in 2014. he understands his audience.

23:59 // Suicide Club / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke

23:59 // Suicide Club / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke
Snake your body
For people that love to have freaky experiences

Cobra Floor
Samantha Togni (Boudica / London)
Joseph Diel (SUB Records / Golosa)
KH38 (Golosa / Speedmaster records)

Anaconda Floor
Lolsnake (Weeeirdos)
Mars Antrax (Sophistication / Lima)
2FARO (Golosa)
Mashyno (Golosa)

Warm Up Performances
Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (Stand Up Comedy)
Benjamin Michael (Live act)

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Rafael Cerato [Ritual Stil Vor Talent]
Boy Next Door [Stil Vor Talent Katermukke]
Bongo & Pusk [Get Physical Tonkind]
Pascale Voltaire [SOSO SUSPEKT]

Für all die, die vom Wochenende nie genug kriegen können! Jeden dritten Sonntag im Monat heißt es im Suicide Club: 'LAST RAVE' - bevor der eintönige Alltag wieder unsere Laune verdirbt.

Suicide Club Berlin 15.12.2019 23:55H S + U Warschauer Str.

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Line Up /

Wolle XDP [tekknozid, suicide]
DJ Tanith [, suicide]

pure Techno
- more info soon -

23:59 // Suicide Club / Revaler Straß x Warschauer Brücke
Line-up / 2 floors
MIKE DEHNERT (Fachwerk / Berlin)
CYRK LIVE (Avoidant, Burial Soil)
Krenzlin Artist Page (Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Planet Rhythm)
Lawrence Kurt & Monovsn (OECUS)
DJ LOUI from Jupiter4
J.Blofeld (Burial Soil, Hike)
Leo Wieber (Abime, Burial Soil)

One year ago to the day, we've started our great journey. At the same time our first vinyl will be released as well. It's produced by our friends CYRK, with an amazing Drumcell remix. What else could be a reason to celebrate an outstanding night with such highly talented Techno artists?

When Techno was born, it was a save haven for likeminded people, who created their own futuristic statement.
A few masterminds have put their focus on groundbreaking new music, that created a journey for all those who where willing to follow them into the dark basements and abandoned Warehouses, reaching together a higher state of consciousness, while celebrating love and humanity.
We think that nowadays it's still important to not forget where Techno came from, it's punk, it's political, it's machine music for human hearts.
Therefore we will invite great artists, which are deeply rooted in Techno history, but also amazing new talents who stand out through music and not their self-marketing.
DECEMBER/ 24/ 2019 / DOORS OPEN 11:55PM

encore.une.fois *X-MAS EDITION* / 2 FLOORS

(underground resistance / tresor rec.)
(stil vor talent / exploited)
(stil vor talent / bar 25)
(disobedient circumstance)
club floor //
Peter Kirn *hybrid set* [cdm, snork enterprises]

BEAT MOVEMENT [aine, subsist]

KHADIJA [kdj wave, new york]

chill lounge //
ChillinBerlin [ Mindwaves-Music ]

more info soon

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23:59 // Suicide Club / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke
female:pressure is back on the track with 'close to apocalypse' line up...

Amavii (Cognate)

Nina Berg (Parallel Berlin)

Paula Koski (Monument)

hiT͟Hərˈto͞o (TrashEra)

Stina Francina (
Nichts ist beständiger als die Veränderung und doch ist auf eines immer Verlass – einmal im Jahr wird gefeiert, als gäbe es kein Morgen mehr, um das Gestern hinter sich zu lassen. Einmal im Jahr blicken wir zurück und ziehen Bilanz. Mit guten Vorsätzen für die nächsten 365 Tage erteilen wir uns die Absolution und feiern uns dafür. War der Jahreswechsel erfolgreich, versuchen wir tags darauf den Neujahresplan mit Rollmops und Konterbier wieder aus dem müden Gedächtnis hervor zu kitzeln.
Damit es soweit kommen kann, beginnen wir früher als üblich und bleiben, bis auch der letzte den Heimweg vergessen hat.

Nothing is more constant than change and yet you can always count on one thing - once a year there is a celebration, as if there is no tomorrow to leave yesterday behind. Once a year, we look back and take stock. With good intentions for the next 365 days, we absolve ourselves and celebrate it. Was the New Year successful, we try the day after New Year's plan with Rollmops and Konterbier out of the tired memory to tickle out.
To make it that far, we start earlier than usual and stay until the last one has forgotten the way home.

Die Knaller der Nacht


Toktok vs. Soffy O [tok tok rec.]
Tigerskin aka Dub Taylor [dirt crew, forms&figures, defected]


akkamiau [female:pressure, detund]

Bb Deng[kuukou records, black kat label]

Diana May [electric monday]

Ed2000 [cashmere radio, dangerous drums]
Haito [spagat music]

ina kacz [ecutsa records, female:pressure]

Justine Perry [art bei ton, suicide club]

Mandala TRAX [merkur rec.]
Mijk van Dijk [microglobe, force inc.]

DJ Tanith [, suicide]

+++ many more to come +++

22:00 / Suicide Club / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke

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