d_func. aka Alexander Kowalski (Official) ( damage music, konsequent records )
Johannes Volk *live* ( cocoon, token records )
Heron ( kms, soma )

Alexander Kowalski alias d_func., auch bekannt als C-Mem, DisX3, oder Mister Discotheque, schrieb ab dem Millennium Berliner Musikgeschichte. Aber wie so oft in Berlin sind alte Zeiten lang vergangen und alles und jeder erfindet sich in anderen Kontexten anders wieder. So auch Kowalski, dessen d_func. Alias ganz im Zeichen von frühen Rave-Momenten Glücksgefühle des Original-Technos heraufbeschwört. Johannes Volk steht auf Explorationen. In seinen spazialen Techno-Exkursen finden sich treibende und harmonische Elemente, tanzend in perfekter Harmonie, wieder. Live eine Bombe. Heron von KMS bringt mit seinem dichten, melodischen Sound dann auch den Letzten zum Abheben.
Alexander Kowalski aka d_func., aloso known as C-Mem, DisX3, or Mister Discotheque, has been writing Berlin's musical history since the turn of the millennium. But as so often in Berlin, old times have long passed and everything and everyone invents themselves differently in other contexts. Kowalski is no exception and with d_func. alias, in the spirit of early rave moments, evokes Techno's original sense of happiness. Johannes Volk likes explorations. In his special techno excursions, there are driving and harmonious elements, dancing again in perfect harmony. Live - the bomb. Heron from KMS brings with his dense, melodic sound then brings the last on board for take off.

23:59 // Suicide Circus / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke
23.02.2019 / 23:55 / 2 FLOORS

Oliver Deutschmann
(innervisions / mote evolver / hotflush)
Secret Act
(code is law / perc trax)
Esther Duijn
(another earth /
Sylvie Maziarz
(berlina für techno)
(supply red.)
Sin-DrØne . Reality Syndrome . SØD

Clara Cuvé ( stock 5 )
FREDERIC. b2b Gutter ( selected )
MCNZI ( selected )
Vermeer ( selected )

Die Selected-Crew – heute representen Frederic. back to back mit Gutter, MCNZI und Vermeer – holt sich Clara Cuvé von Stock 5 ins Haus, die mit einer schon fast provozierend darken, terrortechigen Selection die Crowd in Atem hält. Die ganze Gang irgendwie stilistisch einzuordnen und somit zu pidgeonholen wäre verschwendete Zeit. Gut gemachte Beats und passende Platten zu finden und zu kombinieren sind nämlich die Spezialitäten des Hauses. Zum einen gibt es den trappenden, rappenden MCNZI ... wohingegen Frederic. und Gutter mit ihrem energetischen, treibenden Sound einfach die Dampfwalze auf den Floor entfesseln. Vermeer kombiniert in seinem atmosphärischen Sound einzigartige Geräuschkulissen mit bösen und drückenden Bässen.
The Selected-crew - today represented by Frederic. back to back with Gutter, MCNZI and Vermeer - Clara Cuvé from floor 5 is in the house, and keeps the crowd holding its breath With an almost provocatively dark, terror-tech selection. And arranging the whole journey somehow stylistically, making pigeon-holing a wast of time. Well-made beats and matching records to find and combine are the specialties of the house. First, there is the trapping, rapping MCNZI ... whereas Frederic. and Gutter with their energetic, driving sound just unleash the steamrollers on the floor.

23:59 // Suicide Circus / Revaler Straße x Warschauer Brücke
Kmyle (Clergy, Skryptöm)
savas pascalidis (Non Series, Stockholm Ltd.)
Ravn Jonassen ˈʁɑʊ̯ˀnˈ (Hike, Burial Soil)
AERZ (Hike Recordings)

Ambient Sound & Light Laboratory:
Andrea Porcu / Music For Sleep live (Rohs!)
Bodyverse live (Rohs!, Sunrise Ruby Records)

Main Floor: Techno
Second floor: Ambient Light and Sound Laboratory
Mapping and VJ by

When Techno was born, it was a save haven for likeminded people, who created their own futuristic statement.
A few masterminds have put their focus on groundbreaking new music, that created a journey for all those who where willing to follow them into the dark basements and abandoned Warehouses, reaching together a higher state of consciousness, while celebrating love and humanity.
We think that nowadays it's still important not to forget from where Techno comes from, it's punk, it's political, it's machine music for human hearts.
Therefore we will invite great artists, which are deeply rooted in Techno history, but also amazing new talents who stand out through music and not their self-marketing.

For our second floor we‘ll have our Sound Laboratory, hosted by Bodyverse and Music for Sleep. These two Berlin based artists are going to present us their very unique sonic experiences.

Bodyverse employs computer controlled analog synths, programmed to execute melodic and polyphonic musical architectures whose performance is centered on live sound design. Underlayered by digital generated drones called binaural beats, her live-set is aiming to explore illusory aspects of sound related to perception, on the base of the cognitive relation between sonic frequecies and human brain.

Music for Seep self-made infinte loop tapes performance will lead us to the very deep underworlds of our imaginary. Despite the name, this music is very much related to a conscious listening to feel embraced by sound. This pure analog set reaches the essence of ambient music through the minimal repetition of sound patterns.
After our overwhelming first RITUALS hosted by BEAT MOVEMENT, we are more than ready for the second one!

Same procedure as last time Techno Tai Chi
Paranoid Opening at Suicide Circus

• Sa 09.03.2019
• Start: 23:55H

VVK Early Bird

Sven Weisemann (Mojuba)
Matthew Styles (Ostgut Ton)
Kristin Velvet (Arms&Legs)
Swaytone (My Favourite Freaks)
Daniel Heinrich (Berlina für Techno)

[aufnahme + wiedergabe] and Suicide Circus Berlin present:

Philipp Strobel - [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Pure - [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
Siamgda LIVE - [aufnahme + wiedergabe] / ant-zen
synapscape LIVE - ant-zen
Templər + Harsh Mentor - AREA Z / [aufnahme + wiedergabe]

Suicide Circus
Revaler Str. 99/Warschauer Str.
10245 Berlin

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