10.03.2016, 22:00

60Hz - How Deep is Your House

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How deep is your house?
Mannella ( JTseries | PicNic34)

Francesco De Luca (NO Signal -Official-)

Eskubano (How deep is your house?)

An artist that ever loved to be convey by several drums, raw synth and dogged rhythm. The same tone that today comes from his machines and that characterizes his productions. Owner of “PicNic34” and “JT series”, among the many qualities which distinguish him are definitely the spontaneity - that flows in his tracks recorded in real time - the one that could better describes him.

Francesco De Luca
Developed his passion for music when he got his hands on with his first vinyl records and turntables. The passion soon grew into a deep love for old house music
Influenced by the unique techno scene of Berlin he constantly keeps exploring and building up his very own handwriting in electronic sounds.

Already as a child, he got obsessed with music. He had his first visit to a real club at the age of 15, and fell in love with the electronic music then, especially with house music. He started buying records in 2004 and has been a vinyl freak ever since. Over the last few years he started discovering other genres, and through this his sound becamemore and more sophisticated. He is constantly looking for mystical things, but never goes far away from the house music. Showing his dedication towards deep house, he established a project called How deep is your house?. This project has a monthly release of mixes made by various artists. Eskubano has a unique and bizarre, easily recognizable, style.

60Hz, Waldemarstrasse 108, 10997 Berlin