14.08.2022, 15:00

SAGE Beach - Unity in Diversity - Soli-Party für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine

Flyer für: SAGE Beach - Unity in Diversity - Soli-Party für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine
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Soli-Party für Geflüchtete aus der Ukraine

An diesem Abend werden ausschließlich geflüchtete Künstler*innen für euch auflegen. Ihre Geschichten werden wir nach und nach euch mitteilen.

Sämtliche Einnahmen werden an BLINDSPOTS und die VielRespekt Stiftung gespendet. Diese zwei Initiativen unterstützen Menschen in Krisengebieten sowie Geflüchtete.

Der Eintritt ist auf Spendenbasis – wieviel das ist, bestimmt ihr selbst.

Wenn ihr unsere zwei supporteten Initiativen direkt unterstützen möchtet, findet ihr PayPal-Links auf ihren Seiten

BLINDSPOTS: https://blindspots.support
VielRespekt Stiftung: https://www.vielrespektzentrum.de

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BLINDSPOTS focuses on places of humanitarian crisis that receive too little public attention. We bring Europe’s “blind spots” into the focal point of social discourse, question political strategies for action and strengthen existing support structures through joint projects and gathering of donations. Through close cooperation with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and people on the ground, we seek to improve relief distribution on Europe’s refugee routes.


Bosnia and Herzegovina, where growing numbers of refugees on the Balkan route are congregated and prevented from the continuation of their journey by violent “pushbacks” carried out by EU border police. Local solidarity has been replaced by a growing animosity and violence towards the incoming migrants and hope of humanitarian support from the European Union has dissipated.

Call for Donation - Exit Bus: Safe Passage for all

The Russian army now controls a large part of the Ukrainian Black Sea coast and thus also the ports. Berdyansk, Melitopol and Cherson are occupied. Mariupol is completely destroyed. The population is oppressed and is attacked by the occupiers on a daily basis. Therefore, there is still an urgent need to evacuate civilians from the Russian-occupied territories. Blindspots supports the organization Help UA people, which evacuates Ukrainians from the frontline several times a day. Volunteer drivers are constantly working to rescue more people from their hometowns. The waiting list currently numbers 16,000 people, which contrasts with 11 minibuses that make daily evacuation trips in the southeast.

Join us in supporting the purchase of more exit buses and thus helping more drivers to save lives

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