03.10.2019, 23:55

about blank - Strictly://blank w/ Olivia & Blind Observatory

Flyer für: about blank - Strictly://blank w/ Olivia & Blind Observatory
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Olivia (Unsound)
Blind Observatory (Gravitational)
Natascha Kann (://about blank)
Klex (Strictly Strictly)
Lakehead (Strictly Strictly)
Polygraphic Hate Alliance (Strictly Strictly)
Objekt klein a showcase (Dresden)

Make your first October weekend a long one! Join us at this public holiday for what STRICTLY STRICLTY (TM) are known best for: PREMIUM RAVE

We serve you the best party music on 3 floors:

A technoid blended MDF with almost legendary Blind Observatory and Krakow’s steeply uprising Olivia, polished with a closing by our mastermind Klex.
On the lobby, a versatile home-game opened by mixing wizard Lakehead, followed by best of our besties Natascha Kann and finally garnished by a bag of candy by ever-surprising Polygraphic Hate Alliance.
As special act, we invited Dresden’s Objekt klein a Allstars to burn down the shed outside!

500.000 Watt PA System —— Laser Show —— Fog Machines —— Stroboscopes —— VIP Lounges

Special party game: Tear down the Berlin Beer Can Wall and win great prices!

Be quick reserving the VIP lounges - write us a PM why you and your friends should get access!

Enjoy irresponsibly!