04.08.2022, 23:45

about blank - Art Bei Ton: EXPERIENCE 4

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Thu. 04.08.22. at ://about blank

We're very excited to celebrate our 4th anniversary at ://about blank, presenting some of our dear residents, friends, and artists that we love!

Our ritual bday EXPERIENCE event is an invitation to explore our conceptual universe, evolving at the intersection between hypnotic sounds and visual arts.

Divided on 3 different floors, we'll bring together a special line up of diverse international DJs, performers and visual artists. MDF will host our trippy cosmic floor with 4 hypnotic techno live acts from Feral, Mown, Launaea and Laima Adelaide, as well as a glitch VJing performance from Pixelflowers.

The abyss floor in the Lobby will present some darker and deeper sounds from our new resident Aksamit, as well as a B2B from our dear Hypnotic Black Magic and Luis FMR.
For some chill time, you'll find us outside in the tent with an A/V Ambient live from nara is neus, DJ set from Halada, VJing from Sasha Smirnova and an art exhibition about 'Dream, Fantasm and Sexuality'.

More info/Tickets: https://ra.co/events/1560828

Line up:

Feral (live)
Laima Adelaide (live)
Launaea (live)
Mown (live)
VJing: Pixelflowers

Hypnotic Black Magic B2B Luis FMR
nara is neus (A/V live)
VJing: Sasha Smirnova

Art exhibition: Ink.hurst, Lea Filipo, Lili.ane, Lola Rossi and Tegwen Evans

Very much looking forward to dancing you very soon!