05.08.2022, 23:59

about blank - AWAY x Distinkt present Lil Louis

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What a magical return it has been to the long format party. All weekend. And we’re going to do it all again on the first weekend of August!

The founding father of House Music will be joining us for the first time at the party. Lil’ Louis. The legend. Some of our most cherished anthems, memories and visions are from the mind of this luminary DJ. Joining him along the neverending story will be long time friends and guests of our soiree, Spencer Parker, Eric Cloutier and also the inimitable Mr.Ties will be coming back for an all night affair.

Shinedoe and Inland are also set to return to the heavy seas while we invite the Distinkt family to take over the waves. Biri and Kashpitzky, Raeza, Lyric, Toni Ba, slin, Arkan and Cryme will all extend the metamorphic trip out into the ocean of pure energy. We also finally see the return of the inhouse Away Soundsystem that has been *boom tish* away for way too long — with all the alter egos along for the ride, ready to steady the ship. Baba Laman and Schnabel enterprise are set to join while Denise Bauer and Discrete Circuit also resume party positions to turn the magic rudder... so we can take a dip on the edge of reality until Monday. It’s been hot. Let’s take a swim.

Artwork by Marco Di Stefano: https://www.instagram.com/distefano_marco/

Lil' Louis [the founding father of house]
Spencer Parker
Mr. Ties (all night)
Discrete Circuit
Christian Vance
Denise Bauer
Baba Laman b2b Schnabel enterprise
Acid Witch
Casual Treatment
Away Soundsystem