12.10.2019, 23:00

about blank - 4 Years of OECUS w/ Antigone, IDA, Herva, Femanyst & more

Flyer für: about blank - 4 Years of OECUS w/ Antigone, IDA, Herva, Femanyst & more
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Dear Ravers, we are grateful for all the support shown in these last years and for this special occasion we want to delight you and present you something which was never seen and heard at ://about blank.
This time, all together, we'll leave a remarkable sign on these dance floors.

With your fantastic support, OECUS 4th anniversary will be one for the books!

Get ready to RAVE with us

Antigone (Token, Concrete)
Femanyst (Dark Carousel)
Giordano (Soma, Granulart)
Herva ( Delsin, Bosconi Records)
Lawrence Kurt (OECUS)
Monovsn (OECUS)


Antigone for the very first time on the "MDF" floor will deliver something never seen, our residents Lawrence Kurt, Monovsn and UNTDX will lit up the floor in perfect OECUS vibe, followed by Femanyst, another iconic artist, which also will re-define the concept of "closing" the MDF dance-floor.

Acid/electro vibes in the Lobby with a HQ selection of some of the brand new rising talents in the scene.
Florence based artist Herva will surprise you with his IDM grooves, alongside Giordano, presenting a special acid set and IDA in closing duties will lock your emotions on the floor with her mesmerising selection.

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RA: https://bit.ly/2kugm8y

Artwork by: Ava Krohn

://about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c, Berlin