13.09.2019, 23:55

about blank - TOYS Soli-Party für Sea-Watch

Flyer für: about blank - TOYS Soli-Party für Sea-Watch
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All proceeds go to Sea-Watch! Tickets & RA via RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1245448

SESSION VICTIM [Delusions Of Grandeur]
Marquis Hawkes [Houndstooth / UTTU / AUS]
Jacob Korn (live) [Uncanny Valley]
Ena Lind [Mint]
Qzen [Permanent Vacation / Modelmaker]
Dairmount [Room With A View]
ASA 808 [TOYS Berlin / ManMakeMusic]
Marius Krickow [White Tiles]

Brudi Love tent hosted by Beatrausch:
Lawrence / Official (Dial / Smallville / Mule Musiq)
Mo Chan / DJ Kohlrabi (Team Pommes)
Sameed (NTS / Local Talk / Ele Records, UK)
curated by Rudolph Beuys (beatrausch)

take off your shoes. make yourself at home. dance with us and let us praise our new lords and saviors of forward-thinking electronic music, who saved our souls from conservative tech-house cardinals and testosterone overdosed high school dubstep shittery. this party places all our saints in a number of torrid settings and allows you to jump and shake for your own cantilevered satisfaction while groovy fashionable tracks unfold. a divine service in a dimly lit post-modern church of pulsating indulgence.

Take Off Your Shoes, fühlt euch wie zu Hause. Wir wollen mit TOYS einen offenen Raum schaffen, in dem jede*r sein kann. Tanzen. Frei sein. Musik genießen, ganz abseits von testosterongeladenem Großraumtechno oder stumpfen Einheitstechhousebrei. Darum laden wir seit Jahren nur die besten DJs & Produzent*innen unseren Festen: Ada, Avalon Emerson, Breach, Christian Löffler, Dark Sky, Dauwd, Ejeca, Frits Wentink, The Golden Filter, Glimpse, Huxley, Locked Groove, Lxury, Redshape, Session Victim, Throwing Snow, Trikk, Tom Demac, Will Saul und xxxy. Diesmal - wichtiger denn je - zugunsten von Sea-Watch.

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