15.08.2019, 23:55

about blank - Strictly://Blank w/ Innershades & Luz1e

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Strictly Super Summer Sensation —> 1 year of strictly://blank!


Last year's 15th of August was the date of our first strictly://blank party - where else should we celebrate our first anniversary than in our new home?

Innershades (Time Passages, Mechatronica)
LUZ1E (Lobster Theremin)
Motch + Losko (KOSMOSPIEL)
Polygraphic Hate Alliance (Strictly Strictly)
Liosh (Strictly Strictly) b2b Lindred

After an adequately ravey intro of Polygraphic Hate Alliance who will finish their Euro-Tour on the MDF, we're looking forward to Innershades' energetic and selfesteem-maximised Belgian Technotrance, not without reason alluding to the motto "Forever in Bocaccio". To the conclusion, LUZ1E will be seducing us to the shadiest tabledance and ghetto-tech back rooms that MDF has to offer.
In the lobby, our friends and capitans Motch & Losko of KOSMOSPIEL will be taking us for a Czech VIP yacht-cruise before Liosh will be giving his b2b debut with Lindred.

P-P-P-Party thill the break of dawn!