17.03.2023, 23:00

about blank - TOYS Soliparty for Medico international & Woman* Life Freedom Collective

::: DJ TOYS #01 release party ::: All proceeds will go to Medico international & Woman* Life Freedom Collective! ::: Reduced entrance (15€) before midnight!

Lineup (Z-A):

Tereza [Waters/Worldwide FM]
Stimming (live) [Pampa/Kí/Sunday Music]
SlimSoledad [Chernobyl]
Redshape (live) [Running Back/Delsin/Monkeytown]
Reznik [Keinemusik]
Mareike Bautz [Sisyphos]
Kimmah [Pinkman Records]
ASA 808 [MakeMusic/TOYS Berlin]

Beatrausch ambitent w/ Ronja [THF Radio], The Jukebox Hearts [marc fm & milena bassen] & unreal_ease [aka Berni / Portray]

::: DJ TOYS #01 release party ::: All proceeds will go to Medico international & Woman* Life Freedom Collective! ::: More tickets will be sold at the door. Reduced entrance (15€) before midnight!

take off your shoes. make yourself at home. join the joyful TOYS Berlin congregation and praise our new lords and saviors of forward-thinking electronic music, who saved our souls from conservative tech-house cardinals and testosterone overdosed unitary techno shittery. in recent years, excited hipsters have been tossing around words like 'techno', ‚breakbeat’, and 'deep house' like confetti. but at TOYS, we honor our saints - Avalon Emerson, Benjamin Damage, Dauwd, Elkka & many more - in diverse and torrid settings. come (un)dress, play, and dance to truly impelling tracks, and free yourselves for everyone's cantilevered satisfaction (and other good causes) in this divine service in a dimly lit queer feminist, sex-positive, post-modern church of pulsating indulgence.

TOYS Berlin aims to be a safe space of personal and musical expression for everyone regardless of their gender, race, sexuality, (dis)ability, religion, class, age or body type. It is not a place for sexism, discrimination, queer-/trans-/homophobia, body shaming, misogynic behaviour, unwanted touching, sexual harassment, or violence. Please make sure there is consent before approaching any physical contact. If you should observe or experience an inappropriate situation, please don't hesitate to let the promoters/ bouncers/ bar staff know and it will be swiftly dealt with. There will be an additional awareness crew in reflective vests and all gender dark rooms.

At the beginning of the night (until 0:30/1pm), there will be filmmakers filming ASA 808 & Tereza DJing in the Lobby – they are producing a documentary about the Berlin club scene and want to portray them and the TOYS collective in the documentary. Guests will be informed at the door. Nobody has to be filmed. They don't want to film any specific persons from the crowd, just the DJ and the outlines of people dancing and potencially the queue.

Unfortunately Moomin got sick and had to cancel, but we're happy to announce we got Reznik (keinemusik) instead who will make you move in ways you never thought possible.