17.06.2023, 19:00

about blank - GOLOSA 🕳️🐇 ... in Golosaland

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From Saturday, 7 pm, follow the white rabbit in their hole that opens at the door of :// about blank. In an immersive performance by Theatre OfW with Pixelflowers through the Looking Glass, we are on the trail of Alice in the club's labyrinth.
Afterward from 10 pm, Dj Teeth, Manuela Mayoral, MIKEY. Woodbridge, Spikey Lee, TPR, Trancemaster Krause, and our DJ residents 2FARO, KH38, and Maze DK will enliven the inner corners of the wondrous Golosaland.
Sunday at 10 am the garden becomes a party society with Carly Zeng and our resident DJs Amperia, JuNe, and Mashyno.

Carly Zeng
Manuela Mayoral
Maze DK
MIKEY. Woodbridge
Spikey Lee
Theater OfW
Trancemaster Krause

Advance tickets: 20€ (Early bird 18€)

Entrance fee at the door: 20€ (15€ Saturday before 22 pm)
On donation based for Trans, BIPOC, and Refugees.

Advance tickets have priority and follow a separate queue.
(until Sunday 6am)

Darkroom for ALL Golosians, no gender discrimination

Respect our manifesto: www.golosaberlin.com
Our awareness team will be here for any help.

Golosa has the right to refuse anyone’s entry including ticket holders.

We want to welcome you the best that we can,
take care of you and give our all LGBTQ+ community a safe and welcoming place,
and we need your collaboration for this, together we can do it!