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Hits Hits Hits in the pipeline for 18th of March with the ultimate and official Release Party for something we have been awaiting for long now: Strictly Hits Vol 1, Strictly's first VA EP delivering all what you'd expect from the title. We're happy to announce a sneak peak to have two participating artists on the schedule for this one, namely Karawai and Tblisi's very Generali Minerali.

Presale RA:

Full lineup:

Adam Pits (On Rotation)
Coco Cobra (soft spot, Turnland)
DJ Karawai
Generali Minerali * Live (TES)
Karete Bu (IfZ, drive)
Liosh (strictly strictly)
LUZ1E (International Chrome, Voitax, Femme Bass Mafia)
Rudolf C (Salt Mines, Craigie Knowes)