19.08.2022, 23:55

about blank - 4 Years Strictly://Blank

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Hot, hot summer! It's already our fourth one at about://blank and we've been making use of the time to sort out some refreshment tac-tics for you:


Strictly://Blank for the refreshment of minds with a fruity Trance / House blend in the big pack. Artificially flavored beats by:

Blue Hour (positivesource / Blue Hour Music)
Introversion (A R T S)
Jana Falcon (Blaq Numbers)
John Meckel DJ (objekt klein a, fragmented:)
Lakehead (Strictly Strictly)
Luca Lozano (Klasse Wrecks)
Neele (Ifz / G-edit)
Pau Pau (objekt klein a, fragmented:)
Resom (it's complicated)


Packaged on: 19.8.22.