21.04.2018, 23:59

about blank - 6 Years TOYS Soliparty for Sea-Watch & Toys003 release

Flyer für: about blank - 6 Years TOYS Soliparty for Sea-Watch & Toys003 release
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All proceeds go to Sea-Watch ::: TOYS003 release party ::: Tickets and RSVP via RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1065918

Full lineup:
ASA 808 (TOYS / ManMakeMusic)
Breach (AUS / 2020 Vision)
Christian Löffler *live* (Kí Records)
CutOff!CutOffǃ (TOYS / RSNTR Rec.)
Maghreban (R&S Records)
Sascha Lorenz (TOYS)
The Golden Filter (Optimo Music / Cin Cin)

Design by Kasia Koleczka

It's been six years since we threw our first party (with the peculiar name „take off your shoes and burn down the vatican“) and we've enjoyed every single one we've done. We invited artists like Avalon Emerson, Brame & Hamo, Breach, Christian Löffler, Dairmount, Dauwd, Ejeca, Frits Wentink, Glimpse, Hade, Homework, Huxley, Kidnap kid, Locked Groove, Marquis Hawkes, Shenoda, Throwing Snow, Trikk, Urulu, Tom Demac, xxxy and Youandewan. Some of them will join us for our birthday party. Huge thanks to all our regulars and friends who make the vibe on every TOYS so special!

take off your shoes. make yourself at home. dance with us and let us praise our new lords and saviors of forward-thinking electronic music, who saved our souls from conservative tech-house cardinals and testosterone overdosed high school dubstep shittery. this party places all our saints in a number of torrid settings and allows you to jump and shake for your own cantilevered satisfaction while groovy fashionable tracks unfold. a divine service in a dimly lit post-modern church of pulsating indulgence.