21.12.2019, 23:55

about blank - Strictly://Blank X-MAS BASH

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One last time this year, Strictly will treat you sweet and be aware - your first wishes already came true: It will be a Saturday so no excuse for the working society!

Good kids don't unpack all presents before festivities start so we'll keep you excited with a SECRET AACCTT this time, surrounded by this angelic society:

Interstellar Funk [Rush Hour, Artificial Dance]
Klex & Liosh [Strictly Strictly]
Lakehead [Strictly Strictly]
Mathis Ruffing [Banlieue, Strictly Strictly]
Neele [Institut für Zukunft]
Polygraphic Hate Alliance [Strictly Strictly]
Qnete - LiVE! [QC, 777]
Solid Blake [SSPB, Outer Zone]
Stojche [Tangible Assets, a.r.t.less]
Vivian Koch [Omnidisc, a.r.t.less]
+ ????????? []

If this is not enough parcels for you to unbox already, we'll have some more containing 300 copies of STRICT005! 6 ultra fast-paced E-lectro bangers of freshest Mathis Ruffing!

Rejoicing in that sparkle in your eyes!!