24.08.2019, 23:59

about blank - Oscillate Extended

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Tickets and RSVP https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1193578

Andy Garvey (Pure Space / Lobster Theremin)
DJ Fart in the Club (Imaginary Friend)
FIT Siegel (FIT Sound / EST. 83)
J.Wiltshire (Super Hexagon / Oscillate Tracks)
Karen Gwyer *live (Don't Be Afraid / Oscillate Tracks)
Kate Miller (Oscillate)
Lauren Hansom
Pessimist (Blackest Ever Black)
Rachel Lyn (Modular Gang / Oscillate)
Smith & Davis Quintet
Toma Kami (Man Band / Livity Sound)

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22 Stunden Oscillate im blank vergehen wie im Flug. Zum 19ten mal kampieren wir in unserem zweiten Zuhause und bringen einen aktuellen Einblick in unsere musikalische Welt mit. Pünktlich zur langen Party kommt auch unsere Platte OSCT003 mit Tracks von Resident Johanna Knutsson und Karen Gwyer raus, welche ihr in kleiner Stückzahl direkt im Club erwerben könnt.

The 19th edition of Oscillate will take place on August 24th - 25th in our home of ://about blank, featuring a special 90 minute live performance from Karen Gwyer. The innovative artist has a forthcoming EP shared over two sides with our resident Johanna Knutsson on our label Oscillate Tracks. Her pieces for the split EP have been described as luscious, emotive IDM yet her live sets are better known for her shimmering, pummeling techno. Joining her will be Blackest Ever Black’s Pessimist, complementing Karen’s densely textured techno with his Drum & Bass-infused Bristolian take on the genre.

The lobby will feature Man Band label head Toma Kami who released on Bristol’s Livity Sound for a second time. The Parisian DJ spent some time in Bristol and displays a clear affinity for the more sparse, percussion and rhythm focussed style of the scene. Super Hexagon and Oscillate Tracks alumni J. Wiltshire will join him earlier with his warm, crystalline and modern version of electro and dubstep.

For a lighter adventure head to ://about blank’s revamped tent where the Smith and Davis Quintet will explore ambient soundscapes all night long with a couple of surprise guests.

As day breaks DJ Fart in the Club will introduce us to her 90s infused bleepy house tunes before Pure Space label head Andy Garvey and avid-digger Lauren Hansom showcase the best of Sydney. As the day draws to a close, Detroit’s FIT Siegel will drench the garden in his dubby house and techno textures.

As always our beloved residents; Modular Gang’s Rachel Lyn and Oscillate co-curator Kate Miller round out the line up with their intimate knowledge of the club and event series.

Fresh fruit and delicious food will be provided as well as a few copies of our latest records.

See you on the dance floor(s)!

Oscillate strives to be a safer space with an inclusive vibe, open to everybody regardless of gender, sexuality, race, (dis)ability, age or body type. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or witness any creepy / inappropriate behaviour, please let the promoters / bouncers / bar staff know and it will be swiftly dealt with.

Strictly forbidden: homophobia, sexism, racism, ableism, queerphobia, transphobia, body shaming, unwanted touching.

Be kind, respectful, give each other space and most importantly: have fun.