25.07.2019, 23:59

about blank - Gravity powered by Belisa & Sol Asylum

Flyer für: about blank - Gravity powered by Belisa & Sol Asylum
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Gravity powered by Belisa Booking & Sol Asylum at ABOUT BLANK

Line up:
dj masda (Cabaret)
Kenneth Scott, live (Vakant)
Federico Molinari (Oslo/Discobar)
Julie Marghilano (Sol asylum)

Gravity is a natural phenomenon that which all things, all genre's of people and music feel the gravitational force of each others energy, creating a safe space to enjoy an open minded vision of dance music.
The party concept is to have a platform for house, techno, breaks, jungle or anything that the dj or live artist feels has influenced them in their musical journey. We want the DJ’s to feel free to play out of the box, f.e techno artists to play some house or our house artists to get out their favorite techno records. We want to encourage everyone to try something different to keep the special moments alive and to guarantee the unique experience on our dance floor.
Lovely artwork by: Sergiu Georgian Mazerschi/ Stand Firm