08.04.2016, 21:00

ACUD MACHT NEU - Wet Floor & Cosmic Dust

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Wet Floor & Cosmic Dust started a year ago at Sameheads, popped up at a few other places in Berlin and the Netherlands, and is now moving to a next level, bringing together edgy O Tannenbaum style techno/house/wave/electronics with artists and labels like Acido, From Where to Now?, Lobstertheremin, New York Haunted, Echovolt Records, Not Not Fun and lots more in Acud Club.


DJ SQUEAKY [O Tannenbaum]
BAZ REZNIK [New York Haunted/Bunker/DYFR]
OMA & PEACOCK [O Tannenbaum]
JIMMY JIB [Echovolt Records]



SQUEAKY is the co-owner of now closed NK bar O Tannenbaum and a resident DJ. Specializes in very concentrated DJ sets with a very fine nose for subtleness and the specific. Vinyl only from a huge eclectic collection.

UNPROFESSIONAL is a very active organizer, producer, multitalker, good viber and badass to the bone. DIY meets dirty tekno.

AS LONGITUDE are Berlin based sound explorers Laura ODL and Eva Geist. They started to record electronic sessions on the wave of fresh and prolific inspiration. Their live performances are made of infinite bass loops, drum machines and sequenced riffs, crooked, overdriven synths and tape manipulations. The output is a unique raw experimental acid, spatial techno, bubbling soundscapes and fuzzy rhythms.

BAZ REZNIK is a label owner, sound engineer and making and playing acid, techno, house, electro, leftfield and everything in between. Huge love for music, traveling and the machines. Baz Reznik is one of the artists pushing the Dutch Den Haag Sound by producing techno, acid and electro on labels like New York Haunted, Syncom Data, Bunker records and his own DYFR records.

Founders of O Tannenbaum, PEACOCK & OMA aka Pieter and Olivier have been DJ-ing techno together since around 1996. Part of the tekno soundsystems Wirwar and Terra X in the Netherlands, like Reznik much in love with the Den Haag sound, but also with a deep interest and love for the early Chicago (acid) house and Ghetto sound, mixed with UK Bass, leftfield house and Detroit Techno and Electro.

JIMMY JIB is eclectic and positively above the ring. Co-owner of the amazing Echovolt Records, with releases by Steve Summers, Legowelt, L.I.E.S and many more. Jimmy Jib makes his sets sound effortless in all its freshness, complexity and joy. Definitely one of O Tannenbaums favorite DJ’s.