13.05.2016, 21:00

ACUD MACHT NEU - Wet Floor & Cosmic Dust

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Wet Floor & Cosmic Dust is O Tannenbaum’s club night at ACUD Club with electronic music ranging from experimental electronic music to wave, house, techno, electro and everything in between. Cosmic Dust focusses on atmosphere and experiment, Wet Floor is all about the dance floor.

>>> There will be an opportunity the donate to the Crowdfund Campaign ‘Make Tannenbaum Soundproof’. You can do it online as well, but if you're not into digital pledging, do it the 13th at Acud Macht Neu.

More info here: http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/make-a-new-o-tannenbaum-soundproof >>>>


SQUEAKY [O Tannenbaum]
EASY TIME [live]
MANTA [Where to now?, live]
MFK [Analogue Mutations]
SONOFDISTANTEARTH [Lobster Theremin, Tresen, live]
PEACOCK & OMA [O Tannenbaum]


O Tannenbaum co­owner and resident DJ Hamy Caldwell aka SQUEAKY has been active in electronic dance music since the late 90’s. He has been organizing and DJ­ing at Breakcore events in Australia, Acid parties in the Netherlands and mixed events at Occii Amsterdam. Squeaky takes from an eclectic collection of music for his Techno DJ sets ranging from atmospheric slow and raw acidic techno to deep and hypnotic techno jams. Music from labels like Bio Rhythm, TTT, Mathematiques, Clone and Atlantik Wall will certainly be heard.



Olle Holmberg and Inon Peres team up for EASY TIME. Inon Peres is famously mastering an incredible relaxed but rich, complex and suspenseful drone sound coming from his Wizard Ashdod project. He is founder and owner of the Full Body Massage label that specializes in experimental music, focusing on the relationship between sound and the body absorbing it. Olle Holmberg began working under his Moon Wheel (Where to now? / Not Not Fun) moniker after moving to Berlin, creating cerebral, shape­shifting compositions inspired by “nature, history, and wandering” that have garnered him praise as a producer with a “subtle knack for building a mood.”



Manuel Carvalho aka MANTA (Where to Now?) who lives and works in Berlin creates a sound realm where radiophonic interstellar explorations collide head on with a smooth yet brutalist Techno vision. Thematically Manta takes his influence largely from J.G. Ballard and Italo Calvino, and does little to hide this admiration. Musically Etra’s influence is derived from three interconnecting stems, creating a dizzy dance where Detroit giants such as Drexciya and Terrence Dixon mingle with Pole and Basic Channel under the all encompassing squashed funk gaze of Moodymann.



Koen Nutters aka MFK (Analogue Mutations) build quite a reputation for having a fine nose and love for raw, minimalistic, subtle and deep bass music. Not talking about minimal techno here. His love goes from UK Bass to Jersey beat, it goes from labels like Bunker to L.I.E.S to acido, and from Detroit to leftfield to acid to electro. But a mix by MFK sounds like a mix that can only come from MFK. Highly recommended. You can find MFK’S radio show on Berlin Community Radio and Red Light Radio. Besides that Koen Nutters is a standing bass player in the Pitch, the New Silence and Konzert Minimal, and is and was part of many other musical projects.



David Rank aka SONOFDISTANTEARTH (Lobster Theremin, Tresen, live) produces a raw and textured blend of techno drawing from the epic melodic techno of US artists such as Levon Vincent whilst evoking the desk­crushing saturation of the very same East Coast noise­techno scene. From proper warehouse jams for serious heads, thundering drum loops washed over by high­rise pads and twinkling, crystal melodies, to bone­shaking low­end and clattering, rough­up hats crashes through walls of arped­to­hell synth­warmth. You better check it out yourself. Very excited to have David on stage tonight!


O Tannenbaum founders and resident DJ’s Pieter Kock (Peacock / Jerome) and Olivier Maarschalk (OMA / OMA Richie) aka PEACOCK & OMA have been DJ­ing techno together since around 1996. Part of the techno sound systems Wirwar and Terra X in the Netherlands, they share a love for the Den Haag sound, Chicago House, UK Bass, Leftfield House and Detroit Techno and Electro from labels like FXHE, Reduction, TTT, L.I.E.S, Chiwax, Metroplex and more. Both Maarschalk and Kock are active in other musical projects as well, and have a broad range of musical taste, in both their DJ sets and their live acts. OMA produces a subtle, deep techno music with his project OMA Richie and Peacock produces a broad range of techno / dream club and juke as Jerome.