01.08.2021, 14:00

ÆDEN - Multisex and the City

Welcome to Multisex and the City

We are excited to welcome you back after 1.5 years at ÆDEN for the summer months. We are celebrating this day and night as usual with Multisexual House Music and some surprises -
The line up stays secret
We can't wait for you to join us for this extended dancing event!
Please read the COVID rules carefully below!
Follow @multisex.me for info and call us for details on the night:
‍ Video by Sam Aldridge
Remix in video by Andy Catana
Art Direction & Decoration Marilena Dornröschen
Dance floor lights by Tobias Fricke & Stefan Damnig
Viel Spaß 100% Yes ‬
NO racism/discrimination/sexism/homophobia/transphobia
If you see or experience inappropriate behavior, please report it to our staff at the entrance or bar!
- You can only access the party with a negative test not older then 24hrs. Please be aware, that our staff at the door will need to see the E-Mail in your inbox and the test as a PDF in that specific e-mail.
- ID's will be checked to the test you show
- Please wear a mask at all times
- Please keep distance & wash your hands
- Please stay home if you feel sick or unwell
- If you are fully vaccinated, please bring your proof

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: DON'T FAKE THE TEST!! Clubs will be blamed if we don't act responsible! So it is in your hands!