13.06.2021, 14:00

ÆDEN - ÆDEN: Gællery Garden

How do artists cope, when the world is upside down? Is creativity subject to external tensions? And if so, how will it materialize in future artworks?

The answers are as exciting as they are frightening. Throughout the eras, the arts have sought to reflect contemporary proceedings. Artists are a product of their time; their opus is bound to inner- societal processes.

This exhibition aims to evoke a multidimensional experience. Interdisciplinary and interactive approaches form in conceptual alignment.

• Art by
Leonardo Wassermann
Santiago Doljanin
Tessa Bozek

• Music Saturday
Juliana Huxtable

• Music Sunday
Mehmet Aslan
Session Victim


Tageskasse: Yes

Hundreds of days in lockdown leave invisible marks. Art provides medicine and therapy for the soul. Through art we find distraction and clarity, new perspectives create a much-needed contextual framework to make sense of our times. Guests are invited to a day of relaxation with their loved ones, accompanied by selected drinks.

ÆDEN is a new outdoor venue for live music, art and performance, located on Lohmühleninsel in the cultural heart of Kreuzberg. A playground of elysian charm distinguished by a carefully selected program. A modern pleasure garden full of manifold stories.

Sadly the pandemic is not over.
Please follow Covid19-etiquette:
- Entry only with a negative test result or proof of vaccination or recovery
- Inside & outside of ÆDEN 1.5 meter social distance
- Mask on at all times, unless seated
- Only FFP2 & FFP3 masks
- Stay good.