24.09.2022, 23:00

Alte Münze - Elysion @ Alte Münze

Flyer für: Alte Münze - Elysion @ Alte Münze
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The Elysion sound - fast, uncompromising, playful, hard and danceable.

In the basement of the Alte Münze we bring our sound to 2 floors for the first time.

The goal is unmistakable: unconscionable ecstasy.

We've thrown together some of our favourite acts, both national and international, and crafted a killer lineup, just the way we like it!

1luu (Gaskessel Bern)
ÅMRTÜM (Rave Alert)
Callush (RAW/Dusk Records)
deebee (Dejawie?)
Dexy's Midnight (mitsu2000)
DXPE (Rave Alert)
Kø:lab (Haus 33/Devoted)
LULU (Unity/Dusk Records)
Nanno (Elysion)
Pawlowski (Possession)
Schicktanz (Raveletics)


- no photo/video
- no dresscode

You don't have to if you don't want to!

If anyone feels unsafe or discriminated in any kind, please contact us at the event or write us a message on Telegram: +49 151 507 867 28.

For all inquiries, question or feedback feel free to contact us!

don't stop the fucking rave