03.11.2018, 16:00

Anita Berber - Family Unit - Day & Night Edition

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The Day brings a familiar sense of warmth. A feeling of the Family reunited back in our House. With the sun in the sky, we share a sense of opportunity and belief. The haze of the daydream distinct in our domain.

But as the sun sets, we don’t depart. Instead, we extend our journey and open ourselves to a nocturnal exploration.

The Night brings mystery and the unknown. As the moonlight envelops the sky, the clocks begin to lose shape. An aura of curiosity takes over as our Family enters this undiscovered realm.

Dear Family,

We are excited to invite you to the Family Unit - Day & Night Edition. We have daydreamed together many times now at our lovely Anita Berber. However, this one will be special...

For the upcoming edition, we are feeling a little luxurious and will enhance our concept with the temptations of the night.

Join us from 4pm - 6am of extended pleasure as we travel through time & space!

/// Line up:

Daniel Paul [Cabinet Records ]

Sense of Sun [Family Unit, 5 Senses Festival, Luftschloss]

Katy De Jesus [Family Unit, Hush Crew]

Sauna [Family Unit]

Justin Ramsey [Family Unit, Berlin Bass Collective]

Jago K. [Family Unit, Sound of Village]

Rosa Luxemburg [Family Unit, Sportclub]

/// Family Timetable:


Admission Price: +

Komm gut nach Hause. Welcome home. House is a Family Unit.