08.06.2018, 23:00

Anita Berber - STEM

Flyer für: Anita Berber - STEM
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STEM - have its origins in, arise from, originate from, derive from, come from, emanate from, issue from, flow from, proceed from, result from, be consequent on; be caused by, be brought on/about by, be produced by!!!

Really excited to announce our launch party at Anita Berber, where the music will be provided by some of Berlin's up-and-coming artists. Expect a night where anything and everything can stem from.

Inner (Polen)
- There is an absorption of the diversity that you can experience when inner takes to the decks. From charting a steady, hypnotic course through heads-down, dubby house and techno and other times chopping playfully between 4/4, electro and broken beats.

Dirty Lemon (Panea)
- From Deep House, Electro, Techno, Breaks and Acid, and unquestionable bombs.

Di Carlo (Undergroove)
- Di Carlo, brings us the essence of quality underground music, loaded with groove!!

Ruben Keyko (STEM)