12.02.2016, 23:00

Anita Berber - WORKOUT - Mid Winter Slam

If you want to make like Missy and 'Lose a few pounds in the waist', then ya'll need to put ya thing down, flip it and reverse it all the way up to Anita Berber for some WORKOUT!!

This time we're celebrating the birthday of our outlandish style guru buddy CJ HARTMANN, who retuns to Berlin afer a year of serious physical exercise and brain gymnastics to rock the house proper at WORKOUT. CJ's feminine jogging partner JULIA will open the night right, and PHILIPPA and SIMON BEESTON will be providing musical motivation to beat off the innerer schweinehund!

Stress burning musical refreshment provided by:

CJ HARTMANN (Senso Sounds / Traum/ Nurvous NYC)
SIMON BEESTON (Thoughtless / Freizeitglauben)
PHILIPPA (Chicago Disco / Curl Curl)
JULIA (Streamwise)

*Please note the new entry to Anita Berber via Pankstrasse.