14.11.2015, 23:00

Anita Berber - WORKOUT @ Anita Berber

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The festive season gets under way with another episode of WORKOUT, where you can dance, jog, jabber and jiggle your way to CEREBRAL FITNESS. The dancefloor will be open all night long and this time we've invited our buddies from RITTER VON JITTER to join in with some body tuning booty beats to get you into PROPER SHAPE.

Musical intensity provided by:

PHILIPPA (Curl Curl, Chicago Disco)
SIMON BEESTON (Thoughtless, Freizeitglauben)
HOODIE (Ritter Von Jitter, Ram Schakl)
PAULIX (Ritter Von Jitter)

Come early for cheap entry and maximum Spaß !!