18.03.2016, 23:00

Anita Berber - Pardon

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Music by :

Frieder Klaris & Franky Greiner

+ special guests
James Dean Brown (Perlon)
Adil Hiani (Cosmo)

pardon, are you afrodiscodubkrautspacehousetechnofunkexperienced *

special guest tonight is our finest James Dean Brown

James Dean Brown, living/working in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Paris, is deeply rooted in the adventuresome Perlon family and a very good old friend. As a DJ regular in the rotating line-up of the monthly, infamous "Get Perlonized" parties at Panorama Bar since 2001 and producing as Narcotic Syntax on Perlon and his project Hypnobeat since the 80ies, DJing for more than 20 years, he is a story-teller, crossing a wide field of genres.
His versatile roller coaster DJ rides are strictly passionate, vinyl-based, and of timeless quality. They follow an approach of serious deepness, psychedelia and Voodoo House; "minimalism" means reduction of conformity here with JDB tonight at pardon *

as well we are proud to present a second special guest this night Mr. Adil Hiani

There can be few artists attempting to bridge cultures through the power of music with quite the same impact as Adil Hiani. The Moroccan artist has been on a mission to unite the sounds of Western electronics with the traditional folk music of his homeland since 2009, when he helped launch Cosmo Records from his base in Casablanca. Since then he has rapidly developed both as a label manager and as an artist in his own right tonight at pardon *