18.11.2016, 23:00

Anita Berber - La maison de défaut

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ANITA BERBER presents <La Maison de Défaut>: Finest selection of house music by yunique & Florian Andres - ALL NIGHT LONG!

Ob zu Klassikern auf Vinyl oder zu den neusten House Tracks aus aller Welt - wenn Florian Andres und yunique hinter den Decks stehen, bedeutet es immer: hier wird ***GEFEIERT***, und zwar die ganze Nacht!!
Kommt tanzen und feiert mit uns im Anita Berber!!

YUNIQUE (stylistberlin)

Hailing from Seoul, YUNIQUE, is one of the most skilled exports of Korea: She was hosting her own tv+radio music show in Berlin and Brandenburg which was also live streamed throughout the world. As founder of stylistberlin.de, she digs new tunes and introduces new talents to the world. Her delicate taste in music is very well shown in her powerful and mesmerizing DJ sets, enticing the audiences wherever she plays. Over a short time, the true vinyl lover has played at Berlin Festival x Club Xberg/Arena Club, Fluxbau, Flamingo, Picknick, King Size, 60Hz, The Grand Hotel as well as Alley Sound (Seoul).

SOUNDS LIKE: https://www.mixcloud.com/yunadj/good-times-60hz-berlin-2016
PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/yunique321
BLOG: https://www.facebook.com/stylistberlinblog
WEBSITE: http://www.stylistberlin.de/


FLORIAN ANDRES (Apersonal Music)

Fifteen years ago, deeply entrenched in Berlin’s hip hop and graffiti cultures, FLORIAN ANDRES bought his first Technics 1200 turntable. Infected by the burgeoning early 2000’s Berlin club scene, he discovered electronic music and a complete new way of partying in underground clubs. He found his home in clubs like WMF, RIO, Skala, Villa, Cookies and Tape, as well as the Berlin art and fashion scenes.
Active in the music scene for quite some time now, always catching up with new trends and challenging audiences. For him, the key to a successful DJ-set lies in finding the right approach on interacting with the audience. Florian guides them with profound musical knowledge and diverse DJ skills. Apart from Djing Clubs and Bars out andaround town, Florian Andres also produces his own tracks that have been released on Apersonal Music.

PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/florianandresmusic/