19.09.2015, 23:00

Anita Berber - WORKOUT

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Extremely part time gym commander and WORKOUT co-founder, Simon Beeston is turning OLD and we want to celebrate it in some kind of style with a bunch of our friends, who also happen to play SUPER HOT music. We also want YOU there to get the heart-rates up and the sweet sweat flowing and give the Beeston a slap on the back for being so OLD.

WORKOUT aerobics music provided by:

KENNETH SCOTT (Circus Company and plenty more)
HRENO (Meander and loads of others you love)
PHILIPPA (Curl Curl and Chicago Disco empress)
ZAYN KEMP (New Zealand DJ hero)
SIMON BEESTON (Oh look the birthday boy is playing too)

HEADBANDS are the new leggings and we wanna see you all in one!