22.01.2016, 23:00

Anita Berber - PORTRAY invites #10 w/ Nummer / Royer / Agon / Jonas Palzer

Flyer für: Anita Berber - PORTRAY invites #10 w/ Nummer / Royer / Agon / Jonas Palzer
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PORTRAY invites:

--- Going Good / Fragil Musique / Nummer Music
--- Material Image / Lobster Theremin / Closer
--- Portray
--- Portray / LACKRec.

Forming in 2010, Nummer is the pairing of 2 young Berlin based French producers with an unquenchable thirst for acquiring obscure records & filling their studio with various pieces of second hand & custom built hardware and software. From classic ‘four-to-the floor’ workouts, creeping Electro jams & ambient, abstract soundscapes to deep outer-space arrangements, Nummer lay out raw drum tracks & emotive atmospheres with style and finesse. Their recent releases on labels like Going Good, Fragil Musique and their own imprint Nummer Music show many different sides of the duos unmistakable musical influences.

With his latest releases on Material Image, Lobster Theremin and Closer, Paris based producer Royer delivers wonderfully subtle grooving cuts with looping basslines and carefully chosen samples, often bleached and out of focus as though seen through a heat haze. Royers music evokes memories of early evenings on European beaches, preparing to party but not wanting to get up just yet. Expect a rump-shaking live-set full of diverse, warm grooving house music.

Nummer and Royer will be supported by the Portray boys Agon and Jonas Palzer who are happy to announce their 10th night at this cosy venue.