24.03.2017, 23:00

Anita Berber - Catch Recordings at Anita Berber w. Tom Dicicco

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Following on the stream of our ever emerging European tour dates we are happy to bring you are first Berlin date at one of Berlins most underground venues 'Anita Berber'.

As always with all our showcases, we like to keep the vibe intimate and the lights low and we couldn't think of a better venue for it than this...

Artists on the night will include Delsin Records 'Tom Dicicco' alongside Catch Recordings mainstay and owner 'Nadsat' and Catch family 'Blacpoint'

Tom Dicicco:

Debuting on the Baud label in 2010 with some understated dub techno in the Material Things EP, featuring a remix of the title-track by one Patrick Gräser, aka Answer Code Request, Dicicco’s music over the years has made its way to compilations and various artist EPs put out by labels like Stockholm LTD, Other Heights and Jonas Kopp’s Traut Muzik, to Semantica via the talent pool that is Svreca’s Nonnative Series.

Dicicco’s own production palate ranges from the booming dub techno of earlier tracks like “Night Erosion” to the dirty sewer sounds of “16 Reels”, and most recently the spooky, tunnelling techno of “We let Go” freshly released by Jordan Czamanski’s Off Minor Recordings. Dicicco’s ties also stretch across the pond to New York after hooking up a 12” with Anthony Parasole’s The Corner in 2014 following the launch of his own independent platform Run Out Run.

To date Run Out Run has released three of Dicicco’s own records, plus others by D'Marc Cantu, Killawatt, and a collaboration between John Osborn and Tallmen785, while more recently, Run Out Run’s second record for 2015 was a various artist EP headlined by October and L.I.E.S affiliate TX Connect.

With some inspiration from David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet documentary, Dicicco established the Wood Bison-referencing Inner Surface Music label with AnD in 2011, and his own, fittingly cold and dusted-up Exit 12” sketched out his first release on the label the following year. It was around this time that Dicicco hooked up with Andrew Bowen of AnD for a track on Brothers, but it’s the Untitled split EP with Kowton on Paul Cooper’s sorely missed Project Squared which stands out as some of his best work.

A resident of Northampton in the UK, Tom Dicicco – whose surname is pronounced Dee-chee-co - should be something of an inspiration to budding producers out there in proving that hard work, perseverance and a cordial attitude will eventually get you somewhere near to where you want to be. And he's a devil of a DJ.


Nadsat is the owner of Catch Recordings, a DJ and music producer. His widespread understanding of techno and musical vision enables him to showcase his personal integration of music throughout both his music and record label.

Musical intelligence reign through Nadsat's sets, showcasing the rough industrial side of techno, married with the emotive, softer side to create emotion and anticipation. Whipping the crowd to a point of euphoria and then taking them back down to ground, making his way through genres and years to find the perfect track, to deliver the perfect moment.

This aesthetic approach to music can also be seen in his production. Engineering music into an almost set like form, each production showcasing a different quality, and taking the listener in a slightly different direction to be left in a place where the next track will take you away again. Always building and developing, sticking to one main ethos, of producing something different.

The energy he applies in both DJing and producing is showcased in a more physical format through his own imprint 'Catch Recordings'. Catch was created as an outlet to showcase his musical vision, to release forward thinking electronic music from artists that deliver across the board. The attention to detail is paramount in each stage, from sourcing new artists, to working tirelessly with the artists and designers to put together the perfect EP, creating a physical piece of art. This way, the music represents the label, the label represents the artists and the artwork encapsulates all of the above, so when you hold one of their records, you feel like you own something special.


Blacpoint is an integral part of the Catch family, a musician first and foresmost executing a range of diverse sounds through his performances and productions. Expect somebr tones alongside industrial field recordings and night filled with music of the forward thinkning mind.

The event will be charged at only 5euros on the door and capacity is at 120...so get down early to abaoid dissapointment and enjoy the full range...

We hope to see you there..