24.05.2017, 22:00

Anita Berber - TRRRNNY w/ Godmother, Olympia Bukkakis, Rui Ho, et al.

S01E01: The Backdoor Pilot
Doors at 22:00. Show at midnight:

TRRRNNY (pronounced “tyranny” with a silent riot) is a new political party based on a platform of one thing: empowering you! It's difficult to make sense of all the bad stuff going on in the world right now, but it's easy to make nonsense. Doublethink about it: the 1% is a minority. Let us offer you a totalitarian sense of control – just turn off your brain as we slip through your backdoor. No more fake reality when our talented performers provide you with distractions so entertaining, you'll hardly notice they're propaganda!

GODMOTHER is critical theory in pop music drag. For tonight's revue, they will share new music as well as beloved flops, such as “One-Eyed Snake Oil”, their ode to capitalism and toxic masculinity.

Queen of the Heavens and of the Earth Olympia Bukkakis and Cassandra of the anthropocene COLLECTIVE ANXIETY will present their first collaboration, 'Lament for Sodom & Gomorrah', in memory of all those consigned to irrelevance as “collateral damage”.

Currently on break from his historically revisionist off-Broadway (namely outer space) musical, ALEXANDER CAMELTOE will premiere several numbers.

SADO OPERA will perform their chart-bottoming hit “Russian Anal Game” as well as their brand new single, “Imaginarium”, a tribute to the multifunctional biological orifice, the cloaca.

Although you won't find her on Wikipedia, Dildoğan is a phallocratic ruler whose rise to power has been chronicled on The Miss Nipple Show.

DJs before and after the midnight show: RUI HO is known as a host on Berlin Community Radio and just released their debut EP, 戰記 Tales, on Genome 6.66 Mbp. ICKY is the resident DJ of an eponymous club night every Sunday at Ficken3000, and tonight his mixing skills can be better appreciated with the addition of actual bass frequencies.

SE1E01 of TRRRNNY falls on the eve of the German holiday Männertag, best observed by sleeping through it.

Cocktail special: The Free Chelsea.

Oh, and apropos backdoor: Anita Berber is not accessible via Gerichtstraße; you must enter near Pankstraße 17. Take Pankeweg (the footpath) and walk through the lit tunnel, and then you will find the venue on the right. Elevator available upon request.

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