24.05.2019, 23:00

Anita Berber - Alles Paletti w/ Oshana (US) + RBL DJs

After a long crowdfunding campaign, RBL wants to celebrate with you with another Alles Paletti, this time with Oshana (yoyaku/ Partisan), a highly skilled dj and producer from the US.

It's Alles Paletti, dear friends!

Oshana has carved out a unique niche for herself as one of the main contenders in the growing minimal-house movement. Drawing inspiration from her American Midwest roots, her productions are heavily influenced by the raw sounds of late 90s, US-bred house and techno. The result is a style that’s both fresh and mature, distinguished by its solid, stripped-back percussion and warm, melodic synths.

It's Alles Paletti, dear friends!

Joining her, some of the finest RBL Berlin resident DJs with a new entry will be there to set the dancefloor on fire:

Π² (Miejskie Ścieżki : Urban Tracks)
Frau Braun (Light of Day / transounds)

And in the middle of the night, high above the vibes of the music, you will find yourself happy and crazy, caught in a vortex of good feelings.

If you lose yourself there, don't worry, dear friend.
It's Alles Paletti.