25.10.2019, 22:30

Anita Berber - Foursome: Fall Edition

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x We are back 4 some House x
For another crazy night, we're taking over our beloved Anita Berber to welcome you and Berlin's fall season.
Rules haven't changed... 4 djs sets, 4 coktails, 4 seasons.
Games and special guests are also on the menu...


Der AP (Jean Yann)

Bämbäm (White Label)

Discult Soundsystem (Piston Recordings / D-Mood)


Alex Daniell (Be Adult Music / Jean Yann)


Come early, go late 4 some magic.
Win a guest list on ASK HELMUT https://bit.ly/2mvbTmD
Show us some on Resident Advisor https://bit.ly/2kzc5Re

In Jean Yann we trust.


Ducklingly yours