27.08.2016, 23:00

Anita Berber - Work[out] - Summer Edition

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It's summer, it's loads of our birthdays and we're ready to WORKOUT! Get your leotards and short shorts on and come down to the seaside at Anita Berber. The sun will be long set by the time we get started but we're gonna carry on till the break of dawn and beyond, with sharky sharp DJs:

DAIRMOUNT (Room With A View)
PHILIPPA (Chicago Disco)
dbmc (London Discotrons)
SIMON BEESTON (Thoughtless)

This is the last WORKOUT with Simon Beeston in the house, so you'd better make it proper. Or else.



A friend and comrade, Dairmount is well known to many long time house lovers. A talented DJ, Dairmount is also the label head of stellar record label ROOM WITH A VIEW. This label has hosted and housed many exceptional artists including &Me, Art of Tones, Atjazz, Basic Soul Unit, Hiro, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Marlow... the list goes on! We're incredibly privileged to have the man come play for us - and excited to hear him jam on the super lovely Anita Berber sound system.

Dairmount will be ably supported by disco guests DBMC from London, and WORKOUT residents SIMON BEESTON and PHILIPPA. Hype!


Hailing from New Zealand but having lived in Berlin for 10 or so years, this will be Simon's last WORKOUT. He and his wee family are heading back home to the land of the long white cloud.. and will be greatly missed by many friends and party comrades.
Simon has a long standing production career having been signed to labels Freizeitglauben, Thoughtless, Highgrade Records, District of Corruption, Cimelde Records, Nordik Net, Igloo, Sirius Pandi....


Also hailing from Auckland, New Zealand –
Philippa began DJing in the late 90s. In a short few years she rose up through the ranks to become one of New Zealand’s most heavily booked and supported DJs. As a radio show host, electronic music educator, heavily active promoter and DJ, Philippa moved to Berlin mid 2013 to spend time pursuing electric dreams on this city’s grimy dancefloors. Music in mind? Expect Chicago and Detroit classics alongside modern musical masterpieces..

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays! This WORKOUT will be party HQ for birthday people Anna JackewieHose, Darryl Mead and Philippa McIntyre. Come get amongst!