29.06.2017, 20:30

Anita Berber - Lion O. King EP Release (w/The Sticky Tables).

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Mr. Lion O. King is once again opening the gates of legendary Anita Berber in Wedding - in order to present you his new Extended Play: REBELLION. On board: his marvellous live band, the Royal Wildcats. Progressive Pop Music with a Grungy Timbre. It's gonna be cruel. But GOOD. Everyone... be around!

Also. Look forward to The Sticky Tables as they will introduce their DIRTY HITS to you before Estonius, Rich & LION will enter stage. Who is gonna play the bass?


8:30 - Doors Open
9 - The Sticky Tables
10 - Lion O. King & the Royal Wildcats
12 - Blindstep (Wilde Möhre Festival 2017)

What a deal! Pay 6€ if you CONFIRM attendance on FB by Wednesday, 23:59.


"I appreciate you being around, compañeras y compañeros! Evolution has enabled us to work hard and to pick & celebrate the fruits of our endeavours. Yet, we're standing on the shoulders of giants whenever we achieve something great in life. I feel blessed to be working on music for more than 10 years & I will damn sure add my new EP REBELLION to the list of albums that will never die. I consider each and everyone of us a shining star. Whether you go public with it or not, your potential is breathtaking to me. We're born to make each other shine. Gimme your strength, I'll give you my power. Lion O. King out."

Lion O. King (2017).


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