30.03.2019, 23:00

Anita Berber - Heische with Ida Daugaard

Heische is back for its 2nd appearance at Anita Berber and proud to welcome the duchess of micro house - Ida Daugaard - to be our guest for the night.

Line-up /

Ida Daugaard (Meltdown / CDV)
Lucas Aurel (Kommfort / Heische)
Moriz Solo (Heische)
Mitch Anders (Heische)
Nabor (Heische)


About /

Heische seeks to create deep, almost seductive soundscapes, that captivate in their playful and reduced interconnections. While mixing various influences with sonic & organic grooves, we like to delve deep into the micro house and minimal music stratospheres, for an enjoyable evening on all ends.

Resident Advisor /


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Venue /

https://bit.ly/2Tq4STJ - Google Maps
Pankstrasse 17 / Pankeweg / Alte Fabrik /
Follow the Pankeweg, right behind the railway tunnel.