28.12.2017, 20:30

Anomalie Art Club - Die Fabelhafte Welt Der Anomalie : Part.1

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The Fabulous World of Anomalie is a cultural concept where art & music meet together for a very special exhibition. We let the artists express themselves for a night in our little Anomalie world!


Hola Mono
Gaspar Iwaniura & Matias Maroevic
Mr. Teko Van Kuyk
Unknown & Mari Grube
Marion Cobretti // Birgit&Bier
Jonty SkruFFF // Sisyphos
Ben Bear // Anomalie
Mistral // Anomalie
youANDme /// Cocoon, Desolat
Shadi Khries /// Station Endlos, Versatile Rec.
Sauerkraut /// Love Foundation
Friendly Ghost /// Anomalie
Enis //// Anomalie

Thema: Zweilight

Light and darkness are serving as contrasting modes in which we flanade through the flashes of our fast-paced society. Neither inside nor out, we know we are condemned to process and reactivate our souls by uncensored outbursts of urbanism within our artistic representation of self.

All the artists on show work within the context of intervening urban landscapes – within and without the studio. By placing them inside Anomalie, an (im)perfect environment is created in which their willingness to share an alternative vision respires the wanton need of recreating our contextual surreality.

We open our doors at 20:30 to visit the exhibition. Also, be there for the after show which starts at 23:00.

Wir öffnen unsere Türen um 20:30 Uhr. Die Aftershow beginnt um 23 Uhr. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

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