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ARENA BERLIN - Liber Null XI - Instincts

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Liber Null XI - Instincts

Instincts. Primitive, crude, unrefined. Between and beyond life, pleasure, and death principles.
These instincts that need to be released, expressed, defused. Liber Null is the medium for these impulses to manifest and materialise. Follow the structure of expanding forms and practices through all extensions and means that are offered and create your own.

Purpose is relief and cleansing of restricted and repressed urges. Physical and mental exhaustion that will lead to purification of self, an action existing as part of a circle, not as part of a line that begins and ends.This circle is composed of different states and moments that will reoccur as if in a loop. As long as life is ascending, happiness equals instinct.

Erupt and defeat your instincts.
Enter Liber Null.


Opening art Performance: Valentin Tszin "Instincts"



D. Carbone & Ascion Live | Repitch | 3TH |
Brood | Live | No Label |
Gaja | Repitch |
De Vs. Troit | Liber Null Berlin |
Alex Jakupovic | Liber Null Berlin |



Acierate | Gravure |
Sirio Gry J | Liber Null Berlin | Monolith Records |
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Davide Carbone

His sound is rooted in the visionary decay of society that evolves into an acidic vision of life in general, accompanied by deep drones and glitch sonorities creating the raw and industrial, yet unique sounds.
During the past years, Davide has released on Labels like Planet Rhythm, Inner Surface Music, Dynamic Reflection and his own labels called REPITCH and 3TH.
In 2013, he introduced his new moniker "Honzo" that he calls his Alter Ego - D. Carbone has a keen interest in Human Psychology - therefor the EP's name "D. Carbone meets Honzo in a Bipolar Disorder" which appeared on 3TH Records. Carbone wants to show the world the bipolarity of expression itself and in oneself by using both of his monikers - for the A/B side.
The A-side appears in typical D. Carbone manner, revealing the will to impress with metallic-acidic trips escorted by dramatic ambients and rich bass-lines.
The B-side represents Honzo as the experimental side of Carbone's music, focussing mainly on futuristic-breakbeats and industrial tones.
Over the years, Carbone established a strong collaboration with Ascion, who is, together with D. Carbone and Shapednoise, the third head behind REPITCH Recordings. D. Carbone is also one of the masterminds in the creation of 3TH Records. Recently, the works of D. Carbone and Ascion have resulted in various aliases such as Repitch and 3TH, that were named after and released on the homonymous labels.


Pasquale Ascione is a contemporary electronic music producer, DJ and live performer with an academic background in the Visual arts and a huge passion for computed technologies.
He is the owner of REPITCH recordings, Cosmo Rhythmatic and 3TH records together
with D. Carbone, Shapednoise and Lucindo.
His recognizable musical style embraces a wide range of genres reflecting the variety of
influences he is exposed to.
During his career, he has been involved in various projects with other labels, from popular
imprints to very limited and experimental works, at times using different aliases.
Ascion is a member of D.A.S.D.A., a group formation with AnD, Shapednoise and long-
time partner and friend D. Carbone.Former member of ASMA, a collaboration with Max_m.Born in Naples, Italy in 1988, he is now based in Berlin.



Brood is the sound worship duo formed by Jose Macabra and Sammie Joplin (Mothax).
Brood started its journey when they met at London College of Communication whilst both were studying B.A. Sound Arts and Design.
It is a noise/industrial music project that explores the subconscious and hypnotic trance state in sound form. Hypnagogic exploration draws themes from innate contradiction within the worlds society expressed through a mix of soundscapes and improvised sonics. The band started in 2008 when they decided to unite forces to create a collaborative improvisation group that would generate a new concept in music and performing arts, mixing old and new techniques to deliver a melodramatic and aggressive journey that would immerse the public in an unforgettable experience.
Their first single “Filth Me Tonite” and first album “Your Mother” are now available.



When we speak about Gaja Behind the decks we speak not just about technical skill but also about his eclectic taste. Mixing everything strictly on vinyl from Techno to electro, break beat, rock, idm, house, ambient and anything else. He is definitely a unpredictable dj with dirty funky attitude.
Lover of vintage synthesizer and sampler he records his tracks in the most direct and raw way, just playing his machine and recording live directly on a tape from the stereo mix out of his analog mixer "I like to get carried away by the mood of the moment turning it into music in the most rapid and direct way. Everything has to be in the tape also the imperfections. That makes it all more human."
Back in 2013 his first release "Patterns" on Ascion D.carbone and Shapednoise imprint "Repitch recordings" was defined "highly dynamic techno…a shrill wake-up call that reminds of the Downwards hegemony in the 1990’s." "Terminal 313"
a hit in the underground techno scene played repeatedly by dj' s like Blawan wich played 2 of the 5 tracks on the ep in the now epic dj sets from Awakenings 2013.
Thomas Bey William Bailey wrote about Gaja second release: "Bringing to mind the 'electronic body music' mode of production embraced by artists from D.A.F. to Terence Fixmer…While none of the three pieces deviates dramatically from the other in factors like length or pitch, there is a strange sexiness to this undifferentation that demands hearing…Gaja' s hard tracks manage to find a rainbow buried within hues of grey, an impression that is valuable and lasting". Out on Ophism records in 2014 "Modern Passivity" was highly appreciated by numerous dj s highly supported and played by AnD, Randomer, Nina Kraviz, Rod, Truss, Dettmann and many others.An unpublished track by Gaja will soon be part of a compilation featuring Sleeparchive, OH, Perc, Honzo and Ontal



In relation to the meaning of his name, Acierate combines EBM leaning, reduced and industrialized sounds with various acid tracks to a trip which should symbolize the converting of iron into steel. He decided to start this project as a new chapter of his passion in early 2014 when he had the chance to play in Beijings Lantern Club. Acierate is one founder and resident of the Berlin based party Gravure.



Opening art Performance by Valentin Tszin

Valentin Tszin is a Russian choreographer, dancer and actor. In 2009 he founded PoemaTheatre (St. Petersburg / Moscow). Thus he combined physical theater, contemporary dance and butoh. In addition, he created his own method of work under the title "Theatre of Radical Levels“. He is an artist who is looking for radical forms of theater, dance and performance, with the aim to derail spheres and to transform them.


Visuals by:
Pannaula is an artist based Gdańsk, PL. She deconstructs images and movement with various glitch techniques, only to construct a new reality and morphing narration both using abstraction and formalism as a tool for metaphor of the never ending entropy of matter - dynamically distorting reality. Seeking inspiration in 3d graphic and how it relates to captured camera footage, she creates a fusion of both.



Photography: Michał ANdrysiak
Art direction: Thalia Paraskeva, Michal Andrysiak
Assistance : Jessica Comis
Graphics: Maya Racka