01.04.2016, 21:00

Arena Club - Elektron presents Night of Machines, Berlin. Actress, Factory Floor, Youth Code & more

Berlin in the springtime: The sun starts racing toward its peak position in the sky, the graceful cranes soar past overhead, and in the lime-tree arbor, love is in the air.

But your attention should be directed elsewhere. Night of Machines is in town. We have put together a crack team of artists who will do their best to keep your mind sharp and your feet busy.

On Friday the 1st of April, the beginning of the rest of your life starts at 21.

Performances by:

Actress (UK) - Of Ninja Tune fame, who will awe us all with his inimitable cerebral, cybernetic beats.

Factory Floor (UK) - The most gripping post-industry outfit since Joy Division, whose adorable, thunderously soothing music will put you in a trance.

YOUTH CODE (US) — The Gala and Dali of the US industrial scene will melt your mind with their intense take on EBM.

Varg (SE) - This pressure-cooker of a man is a master of industrial soundscapes.

NEYBUU (US) - Her frantic footwork is sure to sprain a couple of ankles, and put a smile on your face.

IIIo (SE) - An elusive solitaire who commands the subtle transmutation of current into gold like few others.

DJs on duty: Alienata & Simonne Jones.

Oh, all who drop in before midnight have a chance of winning an Analog Rytm.

Come shake the ground with us. Let's chase the sun back to where it came from. Time for the Night of Machines.

What: Elektron Night of Machines - Berlin
Where: Arena Club
When: Friday April 1 (Doors open at 21:00)
Tickets: €15 before midnight, €20 after midnight


Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1Tn5FOD
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1RmB65d
Talk with Naybuu: http://bit.ly/1RmBf8B
Talk with Simonne Jones: http://bit.ly/24AAHWw