02.04.2016, 23:59

Arena Club - Ismus - Anarchism w/ Perth Drug Legend, Gaja, Si.mon, Paul Omen & Philipp Drube


[an-er-kiz-uh m]

.ideology based on free human cooperation in which all members are equal without laws, class or prejudice.

This time Anarchy will be the source of inspiration. The opposition of authority and governmental hierarchy is an idea as relevant now as ever before. Anarchism stems from humans natural desire to be free and this is what we will explore.


Perth Drug Legend
Paul Omen
Philipp Drube

Arena Club
Eichenstrasse 4
12435 Berlin


RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?813041



Perth Drug Legend

"The demented project of Liam Robertson, one half of the mighty Clouds"
PDL takes things to a stranger place. With three huge releases on West End Communications, Resin and Turbo Recordings, this slice of the Scottish duo is providing us with a unique sound of his own.


Mad drums and ravey synths. A Gaja vinyl set is like a techno-punk journey on acid.
As well as big releases on his own label Ophism, he has released on Repitch and Inner Surface. Our theme this month is Anarchism, and a Gaja soundtrack definitely fits with that theme.


After joining us for our Miniaturism series in December and his recent vinyl set at OHM, we are excited to have this Berlin artist joining us. He really knows his music and you will see this in his compositions of carefully picked tracks.

Paul Omen

One of the men behind the Power Tower series in Hamburg, Paul Omen will be supporting Philipp Drube in a special B2B set. Paul Omen has been a big influence on the Hamburg scene, so we look forward to having him play alongside our resident.