23.02.2018, 23:00

Arena Club - Strictly Forbidden w/ Johnny Island, Vergil, Izzi Bizzi & more

Flyer für: Arena Club - Strictly Forbidden w/ Johnny Island, Vergil, Izzi Bizzi & more
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Johnny Island (Planet Rhythm, Smaragd)
Vergil (Strictly Forbidden)
Izzi Bizzi (Bipølar.)
Forrest Frazier B2B Jon Snow
(Strictly Forbidden)

Exhibition (Knast im Kopf) from 11pm - midnight

Charly Schaller (Music)
Goran (Visual Projection)
Mart & BOUND by Ceca (Alternative Fashion Showcase)
Quinto & Anouchka ( [anti]antibody )
Lila Crazzyratte (Masks)

Flyer Design and promo materials designed by Natassja Velociraptor

Logo by Anja Tanja


Strictly Forbidden is a party concept that combines Art and Fetish to create a unique experience, transforming the Club into an multi-dimensional playpen. With three areas of focus, you decide how to enjoy the night as one aspect does not overpower the other. With the promotion of new/unique sounds, artists, and avenues of expression, Strictly Forbidden aims to present a new concept for each party that represents the diverse Berlin clubbing community and what may come in the future..


Presenting for the first time a pre-party exhibition that begins at 11pm, "Knast im Kopf" aims to promote upcoming local artists in multiple formats. A special cooperation of Goran and Charly Schaller accompanied by all artist will present outward artistic expressions, unlocking the forbidden cells within your minds. Comprising of Experimental Music, Visual Projections, Alternative Fashion Showcase, [anti]antibody and Mask designs, the exhibition will feature multiple performances during the pre-hour and the opportunity for interested ravers to interact and be involved with the art as it is presented to them. After the exhibition, the artists will stage throughout the night mini-showcases that will engage ravers in a passive, yet memorable way. Knast im Kopf is organized by Paroxysm.


For our third event we bring together a group of Berlin based DJ’s and producers each of which has a strong connection to the local scene. Johnny Island, Vergil, Izzi Bizzi, Forrest Frazier and Jon Snow come together to create a night of growing tension, that escalates with each hour. Each brings their own unique style, so that the sound remains fresh throughout the night.

DRESS CODE: Leather; Mask; Costume; Slave; Alien; Dogs ; all Fetishes are supported and welcome.


Treat everyone with respect
Touching anyone without permission or any form of harassment gets is not allowed!
No pictures!