28.04.2018, 23:55

Arena Club - Furanum Records Night

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Coinciding with the latest release on Furanum by Uncto, the eponymously titled Unctuous, an inaugural label-themed event will be held at Berlin’s Arena Club. This initiatory Furanum Records Night will be a gathering of some of the label’s most esteemed contributors, harkening back to a series of similarly titled events held in a range of murky venues of Upper Silesia between 2009 and 2011. With an emphasis on the experiential amalgam of powerful and clear sound, pitch black darkness punctuated by stark visuals and strobes, and a sweaty mass of bodies frenziedly lost amidst it all, the event thus aspires to be an expression of the spirit that permeateted the former live episodes as well as of the philosophy behind the label: that of exhilarating sonic brutality nested within a dystopic industrial ethos.

Opening the night will be the man responsible for local Robot Army events and producer behind several remixes on Furanum, Tresor veteran Baeks. Subsequently, Uncto—the Silesian duo of label boss Dominik Müller and Rafal Fürst—will unleash their gear-heavy livePA, accordingly highlighted by fresh material from their latest EP. Taking the decks next will be a frenchman who needs little introduction: Mondkopf. Owner of In Paradisum label, he notably contributed to the Furanum catalogue with a stark and explosively radiant remix of ‘Schinder’ on fu012. The climactic act of the event will then follow with Japanese rhythmic noise surgeon Tomohiko Sagae taking the stage. Performing as part of his European tour he will execute his live act, a devastating tour de force of a caliber not unlike 2014’s merciless The Spurt Of Blood. Closing the night will be a vinyl set from Paàl, the boss of Voitax records, currently himself preparing material for a future release on Furanum. Finally, BFV—member of Suka Off!—will complement the entire aural ordeal with a subversive visual accompaniment.

Furanum Records Night will take place on 28.04.2018 at Berlin’s Arena Club, and Unctuous will be available as of June on both vinyl and digital format.

Words: PSD


MONDKOPF - /In Paradisum/ (dj set)


TOMOHIKO SAGAE - /Rodz Honez, Furanum Records/ (live act)


UNCTO - /Furanum Records/ (live act)

BAEKS - /Robot Army, Furanum Records)/ (dj set)


PAÀL - /VOITAX/ (dj set)


BFV - /Inside Flesh, Suka OFF/ (vj)

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