07.05.2022, 23:00

arkaoda - Hotel Nota w/ Roméo Poirier live, Philipp Matalla, Philip Berg

French-born, Brussels-based artist Roméo Poirier finds home on sferic with his third full-length LP ‘Hotel Notaʼ. Keeping the ever-present influence of the sea in focus, Poirier projects himself to a fantasised coastline, imagining a landscape in flux, continuously reconfigured by the movement of water and those that inhabit its space.
Bass tones swell and retreat, colliding with smothered jazz notes and hazily layered, foaming textual abstraction, yet the pacing and rhythm remains loose and organic. Sounds are developed patiently, naturally sculpted to fit the palette. Elements processed through water with a range of eccentric, yet pioneering techniques that lend to a unique sense of cohesion and textual integration throughout.
Hotel Nota is a place, one that can be revisited over time, a renewal of both place and self thatʼs in state of continual transformation. A meditation that feels as ageless as the atmosphere it inhibits.

Philip Berg
(Blind Bodies, Robert Johnson, Frankfurt)

For as long as he can think, Philip Berg has pursued two interests with equal endurance and dedication: triathlon and music. When he was not on the bike, in the water or running in in the woods, he was digging records. Two decades later, he is still altering the states of minds and bodies – as a personal trainer and a DJ.

In the late 2000s, Berg began to organize off-location parties in Frankfurt, Germany, inviting the likes of Vladimir Ivkovic, Alexis Le-Tan, Phuong Dan & Tolouse Low Trax to bring a different and sometimes more challenging sound to his hometown. Soon after, he started his own night at the Robert Johnson club in Offenbach. 'Blind Bodies' became a promise for collective drifts into novel spheres. Over the years, he played at clubs like Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf, 20/44 in Belgrade, Garage Noord in Amsterdam, Ankali in Prague, Arma17 in Moscow and the Shelter in Shanghai. On the festival circuit he’s made appearances at Dekmantel Selectors, Positive Education, Digital Tsunami and more.

Transgressing musical categories, Berg`s sets are mesmerizing choreographies that oscillate between transcendental tribal rhythms and in-your-face 90`s rave.

Philipp Matalla
(Kashual Plastik, Meakusma)

"Halle based artist Philipp Matalla synergizes abstract Industrial fields, propelling dub particles and feverish leftfield jacking electronics. Confronting, yet thrilling clashes of popular and avant-garde ideas end up in serious patchworks that seem to belong someplace between gallery and club."